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  1. Had a crack at this. It was first time using home made cooler for the ZWO 178MC and also first time using the tri band filter i recently bought. Moon was also quite close by so a lot of variables coming into play/ I managed to only get 17 usable subs as cloud came over so i took some darks and flats and had a look at seeing what i could get. The stars had a very odd shape to them initially, but my polar alignment was good. I am wondering if it was somehow due to the tri band filter and its positioning in relation to the sensor. I had a 0.5 reducer on the camera nosepiec
  2. Clouds coming over now. :-(. Might only have half am hour of useable subs. :-(.
  3. I have decided tonight to have my first attempt in anger using my home made cooler for my ZWO 178mc. AND use an Altair Astro triband filter at the same time. Thought I would try the horsehead nebula. This is a pic taken with my phone of the tablet running Asi Air Pro app, showing a single 120s sub.
  4. Been meaning to reply to this but it slipped my mind. I tried doing a small, very small stretch then removing the stars with Starnet. However, I still had lots of blue fringes and artifacts left behind. I think this must be because my original image is over exposed maybe? So no matter what I do, the stars are always going to be bloated and show the fringing and artifacts after running Starnet.
  5. I think going sub zero could cause other issues as you say. All I need is a quieter fan as the existing one is a bit noisy.
  6. I started this ages ago and soon found out that temp control is a must. I was getting good cooling, but the camera was fogging up. Anyway I bought a cheap temp control module from Amazon, made a better neoprene jacket for the camera. Tested it today in the garage. Seems to cool down to 3-4 degrees with no fogging. The three minute dark frame I captured seemed a lot less noisy, still the old amp glow in the corner, but it can be removed using darks, which will be a lot cleaner hopefully, as will light frames.
  7. So, when I initially stretch the image, i need to do so to a point where the stars are not bloated and overexposed, then remove them? Is that essentially correct?
  8. So, i think i had the TIFF file in the wrong TIFF format, loaded into Gimp and saved as a non compressed TIF and Starnet worked. Had a mess around in in Affinity and ended up with this: I do think this is an improvement, but there are artifacts around the stars and i haven't figured out how to sort the really bright ones in the centre out yet :-(. I do think it is progress of sorts though. lol When is the optimal time to run the image through starnet? If done immediately after stacking it would surely miss a lot of stars??
  9. I cannot, for the life of me get it to work. Extract the zip file to a directory, done Drag the Tiff onto the executable starnet file. A window opens and lots of scrolling of words with something along the lines of "Adobe deflate, blah blah blah". No starless output file is created. Do I need an Intel CPU? I have AMD Ryzen. Wondered if that was an issue.
  10. I captured this image of the pac man nebula last year. I tried to process it using Startools which i have persevered with for several years despite not really achieving satisfactory results. Recently i decided to try Affinity photo, and had a crack at re-processing this image using the original file which DSS spat out converted to TIFF. Now, i realise its still not amazing, but i do feel its better than my effort with Startools. I need more star reduction really but havent figured out how to reduce any further than the live layer filter i used.
  11. Used my Sony A57 and a 135mm lens which cost a tenner to have a crack at this last night. 120x 1m exposures, darks and flats. Processed with Affinity and Topaz de noise. I know the diffraction spike things wont be to everyones taste but i dont mind them. This is also cropped a bit.
  12. Thanks again for the advice it is super appreciated, i have never been able to get to grips with the processing and/or settings of the camera tbh. i am not even sure what "unity Gain" means, but i think i have read somewhere that my camera doesn't actually have one. I think i am certainly going to try lower gain settings, i have generally used between mid and high gains so its got to be part of the problem i feel. I did have another play with Gimp, mainly just using levels and curves to try and understand how they work. Managed to get this out of my
  13. Wow, ok, many thanks. I was only really looking at the huge peak over on the left. I never realised that the small bit on the right would have made so much difference. Will certainly try a lower gain/shorter exposures.
  14. The histogram curve is certainly not over to the right, its over the left as expected i believe. Scope is an Altair Astro 72mm Semi Apo thing. I use my ZWO 178MC with it.
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