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  1. Thanks guys, you are very kind. I might try and do another session and add to what I already have.
  2. Hmmm. I'm a bit torn now. My scope has a 2" Focuser, with an adaptor that steps down to 1.25". So would a 2" filter screw into the front of the 2"-1.25"adaptor? Then I still insert my ZWO cam into the back of the adaptor as I do now? Just wondering if I can find a solution where a 2" filter could be used in the scope and on a lens. I have a Canon 450d with the 18-55mm kit lens but also some old M42 lenses I have used sometimes with it.
  3. Slightly on a tangent here. Can a 2" filter be used on the front of a DSLR lens? With a suitable adaptor? Or is it too far from the sensor?
  4. So, in simple terms, what is the actual difference between the ZWO Dual band and the Altair Tri band?
  5. I read that the Altair Tri band has caused halos around stars on some occasions. Is this something you have experienced? Thanks
  6. I am considering a duo or tri band filter to have a go with my ZWO 178MC. My budget limits me to either the ZWO Dual band, or the Altair Triband. Both can be had for sub £90 which for me, makes it worth a punt. Will there be much difference between the two? Not sure which to go for, I have a few bits of ZWO gear and find it very good tbh. Ideally I want the filter to perhaps allow some imaging time when the moon is up and about. Any advice or experience will be gratefully received.
  7. I really like these colour renditions. I need to have a crack myself at some point.
  8. love these sort of shots, must have a go myself.
  9. Would this be a crazy idea??? Even with guiding?
  10. Please don't be too harsh. lol Maybe i am mad for even trying this with a small 72mm refractor and an uncooled camera and a moon at 70% . I literally polar aligned did a goto, platesolved and then left the AsiAir livestacking 120s exposures for 3 hours lol. No calibration frames at all, processed in Startools and Paint.net.
  11. The landing video has just been released. I am gobsmacked. Utterly amazing.
  12. Set up to gather some exposures of IC63 am i mad with the moon as big as it is? Lol, probably but it's something to do. And I'm sat inside keeping watch on the AsIAir via the tablet while sipping an ale. 🙂
  13. I bought one of these during the first national lockdown last year. I have used it twice so far. Just visually to look at the moon. I am intending on trying a spot of imaging with it. But I have noticed the focuser movement and feel does not seem smooth. It feels sort of rough and lumpy. (Best way I can think to describe it lol) I assume I can adjust it, but has anyone else come across similar? And what the best way to go about rectifying it? Many thanks
  14. Thanks guys. I have been proper lazy tbh. Just can't get motivated. But capturing these mediocre images by some standards has definitely helped shake my apathy.
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