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  1. Hi Brian, we have the same Antlia options here. I have a set of the 36mm and 50mm unmounted 3nm filters. While my first light with the 50mm HSO was impressive I haven’t yet tried them with bright stars to assess if there are any halos. Looking forward to first light with the 36mm on my new 12” Meade f8/Mesu system soon.
  2. Hi Tareq, As I reread your post it throws up more questions than answers. The following is provided for clarification. 1. You appear to have decided on wide field imaging and are asking for mix and match equipment suggestions that will dovetail with your existing equipment inventory. 2. Your reference multiple imaging, are you suggesting you want to run more than one capture setup simultaneously. 3. You talk of working at f1.8-2.8, I consider this is a more specialist area that places higher demands on your focusing arrangements, backspacing and filter selection. 4. Most of your comments appear equipment centric as opposed to target specific. It would help if you specified the targets your are after photographing. The range of equipment you list suggests you are already an accomplished imager, yet the context of your query seems a little confused. I don’t understand how in your last entry you determined you start with a new camera when you already have a good range of cameras that are able to support your 300-400mm fl imaging aspiration. There are several good scopes available that will work with your current cameras at 200-400mm fl. A couple that would cover both ends would be the Redcat at 200mm and Esprit 80 at 400mm. However, there are plenty of similarly specified triplets to choose from. Good luck with your search. Martin
  3. I prefer the second version, nicely done.
  4. Amazing soul Nebula, I think the colours look great and really bring out the nebulosity. I consider Narrowband image processing by default transcends the science/art boundary, a piece of art Paul I wouldn’t mind on my wall.
  5. A big improvement on the original Wayne, nicely done.
  6. Loverly image terry and interested to see the different pixelmath formulas you and Brian employed.
  7. Very nice, looking forward to seeing your next iteration once you capture some more data.
  8. Great image, the colours help enhance the backlit effect from the stars.
  9. That must be one big dome to make the Edge 14” look so lost. 👌🏼 My control room is galley style based on a Submarine background, and boy does it get warm. Last winter it hit 23 degC while it was -6 in the scope compartments.
  10. Cracking images, may I ask what scope you used to get these captures.
  11. Love the framing and colour.
  12. The first image if great with nice framing and colour.
  13. All 3 are good, but given a choice I would chose th third image.
  14. A wonderful image that suits the colours used.
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