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  1. Nice detailed image, yes the 2-3 days of clear nights were a much needed relief, although I found the seeing was poor on the second night which messed up tracking a bit. Nice result for you.
  2. To me it looks like a high level of background light at lower elevation has highlighted the dust and bits in the imaging train (much like a Flat frame). Infra red security lights can do all sorts of strange things. The spoilt frames have a matched distortion pattern, have you compared them to your Red Light frame?
  3. Good result considering the conditions.
  4. Very nice control of the bright stars.
  5. Very nice image and an interesting approach to OSC I must try out.
  6. Great news Bryan and a fitting outcome for the level of effort with this image.
  7. Very nice image with vibrant colour.
  8. A very nice image. A valid point for anyone starting AP, the latest OSC cameras are a great enabler for achieving complete colour images here in the U.K. where the weather conspires to prevent a complete set of mono frames with no guarantee when the next opportunity will be available. In the first 2 years, my setup consisted of mono CCD camera’s and 20min frames and my notable achievement was a lot of LRGB frames, mostly incomplete sets preventing the production a quality colour image. Adding the complexity of a mono setup on start up is not necessary, and can be destabilising a
  9. Hi Paul, I have the usual set of triplets, mostly at F7, AA130 EDT, TS130, AA 102 EDT, 81,80 and 60mm. I find their contrast and low maintenance is greatly satisfying and with the readily available reducers you can cover all bases in between. My two 130 triplets were set up in a dual imaging rig and were great when using the 383 cameras, enabling me to get sufficient images with long exposures. Since these were replaced with the 455/571 faster sensor cameras I found the need for a dual rig (2 instances of SGP etc) setup diminished beyond the pitfalls so now I run a 130, 81 and 60mm setup
  10. Hi David and welcome, you have plenty of choice for imaging looking forward to seeing some images. Martin
  11. Peter may I ask what do you think is causing the artefact?
  12. An amazing image with lots of colourful detail. I feel clear sky envy coming on.👍
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