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  1. There are a lot of theories about prisms versus mirrors. For lunar viewing I usually use a 270g 1.25" Baader-Zeiss Amici with a helical focuser and 7.5mm spacer. For rich field I tend to prefer mirrors like the Tele Vue Enhanced Aluminium at 160g. Although I am partial to my Takahashi TKA00547 prism weighing in at 130g. As I normally use 2" eyepieces for rich field I tend to use my 2" diagonals: Baader Zeiss Amici: 650g APM Amici: 600g Altair dielectric: 525g Baader Amici: 455g Baader Maxbright Dielectric: 425g Tele Vue Everbrite 410
  2. Thanks. I toyed with the idea of taking the ST102 out. I'm planning to use it with a 2" dielectric instead of a prism, which helps with weight/balance issues. I also want to trial the Pentax XF combined with the GSO 2.5x Barlow with the ST102. The XF can show lateral colour for lunar/planetary but I'm not sure that would be the case for doubles. Unless I go with the SW 7~21mm zoom, which also has similar lateral CA.
  3. Third outing with the ST80 and the 3x BST/Celestron zoom. I really wanted to get the 60 EDF out but conditions were pretty bad, seeing around Antoniadi 3~4 and well below average transparency. The extra 20mm of the ST80 helps in bad conditions even though it's an achromat. Eventually, at low power, I saw the Owl Cluster, Double Cluster, Coma Berenices and the Beehive. I split quite a few doubles with the 3x/zoom combo, including the Double Double. Highlights were M57 and splitting ɸ2 Cnc and ɩ Cas. I could see all three of ɩ Cas, which surprised me with the poor seeing and the fact that Cassio
  4. Brilliant. I had some really good views of Mars last year.
  5. Yes, the first one I bought was around six years ago from TS Optics. I mislaid it a couple of years ago and bought the Revelation like yours, probably for half the price of the TS one. Then recently the TSO turned up again. They're all GSO. There's some controversy about how much the magnification really is. There are claims that it is more 2.2x ~ 2.3x than 2.5x. For years I suspected that it was probably not quite 2.5x. Although it's still a very good Barlow. As far as I know GSO manufacture five Barlows. Three are very good, two (3x & 5x)
  6. These are good as well. I've owned one for years.
  7. Thanks. The 2x BST is actually very good. Sharp, bright and with little or no CA that I could detect. It also works well in diagonals that have helical eyepiece holder focusers, such as Baader and some William Optics. The end of the barrel doesn't usually make contact with the safety stop as it's so short. Not only that it is lightweight. I'd definitely recommend it. Try not to pay 80 quid for one though lol.
  8. In my continuing quest to find a 3x Barlow that meets my particular requirements I may have struck gold. Well, black and gold at least. The ‘BST StarGuider 4-Element 3x Deluxe Apochromatic Barlow’ often retails around £70. Although I got mine twenty quid cheaper, which is slightly ironic. A few years ago I bought the 2x (3-element) version for over £80 from Astroshop. It has ‘Omegon’ written on it, but although I didn’t know it at the time, it was made or distributed by BST. These can now be purchased as a ‘BST StarGuider’ in the UK for nearly half of what I paid. I believe the 2x, 3x and 5x v
  9. Although Windows is basically as unsafe as unsafe can be, I'd check that it wasn't a false positive. This is another reason I only run Unix now.
  10. I've just realised you have an 80mm, f/5 Meade, which I assume is an achromat. This is basically the same as an ST80.
  11. Amazon aren't so bad and they have a pretty good returns policy. Before Brexit you could buy a lot of TS Optics and Baader equipment from Amazon. I'd normally prefer an astro retailer but we live in strange times. That and Amazon probably are evil lol. Unfortunately they know where I live ... On the positive side, DDG PE gives them a C+!
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