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  1. Welcome here! feel free to ask any questions. You can always find someone able to respond here! Regards.
  2. Hi Damo 127, welcome here! I am sure you will enjoy the forum! clear skies!
  3. Hi, I really would like to help you with your questions but unfortunately I am not very expert about Barlow lens. I always found very difficult to get a nice focus when I use a Barlow lens but I think that was due to my scope which has some issue with the focus knob. As soon as I use my new scope I would be able to tell you more. sorry!
  4. Yes I think that was the issue. the BST can make a big difference. so if I am not wrong I shouldn’t add and additional hours when I set the time up. well it’s good to know for the next time.
  5. I think I found out why I didn’t get a good star alignment. I think I made a mistake when I set the time . I add an extra hour when I shouldn’t .. I will keep you posted once I tried again!
  6. Not sure if the issue was the tripod not in level . I will try again until I find the right to proceed! Thank you
  7. Hi, not problem to get a polar alignment having used a sky adventure get Polaris it wasn’t difficult. what I found more “ strange” is the 3 star alignment. I came from a alt az mount which get the home position very easy to understand... scope point north and in level. the equatorial mount requires a different home position which I found different view. The instruction doesn’t help too much but I found some tutorials that should help me. basically once I set date time location etc and press yes to start alignment the stars were all in the wrong place.
  8. It seems to be a perfect set for an horror movie!
  9. I simply love to read it! I may need a huge a massive explanation to align my new eq 3-2 mount . Step by step I need to start to undertstand again how to get a good star alignment.. tonight I miserably failed 😞
  10. Well excellent review! A brief history about this scope very interesting to read! I based my purchase on the review I read and compared them with the budget available. I hope I have made the right decision.
  11. Lovely! I wish to live in a place without building around and street lights so I can see Jupiter and Saturn again!
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