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  1. I don’t know how but I managed to get the intervalometer installed. Using the same firmware and installing the code for 1100d seems to work! gabs
  2. Hi all, today I installed the Nightly Builds from Magic Lantern website with the intention to get an internal intervalometer on my modified camera. I followed the procedure as suggested here : Magic Lantern Nightly Builds. New firmware installed and all the new feature works pretty good however I didn't find any internal intervalometer or time lapse feature to add to my main menu. Does anybody know if the intervalometer is available only for different Canon version ( 1100 d etc.. ) or is there any alternative way to install it ? I really
  3. Thanks I will try as soon as I can!
  4. gabs


    Beautiful indeed!
  5. My first app was called “nightshift”basically is so rubbish that I deleted after some weeks. It’s a liar and not reliable at all! do not download it!
  6. That was my first tentative using a scope . I took 30 no exposure at 2 sec each ISO 800 . Same number and set for the dark frames. The result is the attached picture which I have already posted . obviously is not the best one but I am very happy with that but I want to improve it.
  7. Looks great ! Well done definitely better than my recent one!
  8. Horrible sky tonight . Clouds everywhere ☹️ So depressing ...I am going to read a book and watch some tutorials on you tube🤓
  9. Thanks Mark, I heard about this software but never used . I will definitely have a look. thanks again!
  10. I was thinking something ... if I increase the number of exposures from 30 to 50-60 do I get better definition on my image? And if I use a Barlow lens attached to the draw tube is it better? gabs
  11. All done ... You saw the result!
  12. Thanks a lot... I guess I am going to watch it so many times!!
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