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  1. Yes in that case yes I took them is the one I called simple dark frames not flat dark frames . Now I got what you meant. Yes I took them same exposure and setting as per lights frames but just put the dust cap to cover the scope.
  2. No I didn’t think I need them really. Are they different to the above?
  3. 200 bias and 200 darks 100 flat frames. I tried to stack 200 flat with DSS but the result wasn’t so good
  4. I left 10 sec each exposure to rest the sensor if is not enough I can try to increase a bit more
  5. Yes I took darks, bias and flat frames as usual. This time I spent more time trying to get a better flat frame. it seems they help a lot to get a decent image!
  6. ISO800 that is what I thought could be a good ISO also suggest from canon website. maybe longer exposures but I tried with a different ISO as well as longer exposure and it was too noisy. So far I happy of what I’ve got obviously I can do better 🙃
  7. Clip filter as attached which seems to do an excellent job helped with good calibration frames
  8. Just the LP filter I don’t have any other! thanks a lot!
  9. Hi all, that is my version of the North America Nebula. 5.5 hours exposure 25O sec each frame + calibration frames using a Canon 1200 d Processed in Gimp to reduce LP and noise . I could have done much more with another night and more knowledges of processing on GIMP but I am happy with the result . Comments are welcome !
  10. Did u take camera with you? last week end I was on a rural place . I took some images on the Milky Way very cool! I really don’t like city skies
  11. Cloudy here I can barely see Arcturus and was raining 5 minutes so I didn’t take the risk to put anything outside. I will dedicate some hours tomorrow on GIMP to process the C20… I can see lots of hydrogen on my image:)
  12. I am sorry to read that and definitely you don’t deserve that and I hope tonight is better for you and everyone. I am processing my C20 I hope to get a good image with GIMP.
  13. Ah that was the precipitation in the last 24 hs. Now is 1.2 mm …
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