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  1. thats a good piece of info, i wondered if each view was going to be unique one for a very long while,but only for a year,then it wont be that urgent that i get out there with my camera to catch it.Its raining over here quite a bit at the moment but the skies look very interesting with a number of planets all showing at the same time,so maybe will see that next time! cheers
  2. thanks,yes,Am heading off to get a new phone during the week.I can see i cant do without a phone app for this. thanks for the info cheers
  3. yes, i know the apps are the best thing,but will be needing to get a new phone for it! So i'm just trying to find out what i can see from my location right now, and the 2 star maps i accessed were saying different things as the stellarium web page wasnt working properly in my browser and It was actually showing rays flicking across the page from the different planets! Its working now and its great.Will be a great way to keep an eye on the planets while on the pc.I think the web page is pretty good itself for a quick look thanks for the reply cheers
  4. Hi, I have been looking at websites with star maps and planets etc from my location.I can either not seem to use it properly and the 2 that i thought were showing the maps from my location only 1 maybe doing this.So i am wondering if anyone knows of any star maps that are fairly accurate from queensland in australia? I am not wanting to use the app versions yet,as i have a lot of work apps on my phone. Would any other newbies or anyone else know of an easy to use website? I am currently reading a book on astronomy,which has suggestions of star map websites but as i said i cannot seem
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