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  1. Evening all, while im digging for gold in my obsy (long story to be shared here soon) i have been looking through some old data i have when i first started my AP DS journey. About 18 month or so ago i captured this magnificent target with my then brand new 294MC-Pro, i knew little of AP then, hardly nothing of post process so capturing this with my 10" SCT at 2500mm fl was quite a spectacular result for me. This is an uncropped image of about 1hr or so if i remember at 180sec subs. I will of used APT, APP and then PS as i still do now but with a little more knowledge i hope tod
  2. Unfortunately the dome is fibre glassed in to the flat roof area ( see pic) so it would mean a serious cut off job to elevate it plus i would then have to get planning involved as i would exceed the 2.5m max height rule. I do have a solution though so i will post my dig out pics soon πŸ˜‰
  3. Thanks Terry, i have a clear 360deg view to be fair, i do have a street light exactly north to which i positioned the warm room roof just high enough so the scope cant see the light but can still see Polaris πŸ˜‰
  4. Hi Carole, yes this is exactly my problem, when i designed and built my obsy i was purely visual so the extra floor height gave me better position at the eyepiece of my then LX90 but i did have to do the hockey cokey getting in lol i would step though sideways and then twist as i stood up bringing my other leg in, this was fine till i did my back the other day. I am on the mend and back to normal mobility wise now and if im careful and dont go lifting tree stumps again i may last quite a few years before im totally in need of surgery but till then while im back fit and able i am addressing thi
  5. Lol i can image quite well Carole as im one of them πŸ˜› despite only being 5'.7" i still make all the shapes a dance floor only sees trying to slide and twist under my door lol i will be sure to post some pics of my work around once ive confirmed its doable πŸ˜‰
  6. UPDATE i may be able to dig down 16" giving me a door height of 62" i will lift the floor over the next few days and investigate the concrete joist positions. 🀞 there's more room than i thought between joists, thanks for the ideas peeps πŸ™‚
  7. Lmao πŸ˜› love that pic mate lol i have absolutely scratched every part of my head while redesigning just the entry but its so tight with room in the warm room area that even digging down 2 or 3 steps would take the floor where my chair sits... i will look at it again but its blooming tight and i would hate to fall down a hole lol so a hatch would need to be installed that i then would need to lift up to access the steps without bending..... its the blooming bending thats halting all my ideas other then a full height door ??? youve made me go and have another scratch pal lol......... pending lol
  8. Nice shot Swiss Tony πŸ˜› πŸ˜‚ you'll have to tell me the story behind that mate πŸ˜‰
  9. Cheers Mark, yer.... its the only downside to a dome obsy for me. Even the standard Pulsar sides utilise these <>1.2m little doors πŸ˜•
  10. Definitely worth the try Mark judging by my result that had seeing issues (Y)
  11. Hi all, first image post so be kind πŸ˜‰ i recently got myself a new ZS81 mainly for solar imaging with my Quark that i havent used yet !! But as i had a 2" 2x ES focal extender i asked over on the WO group if anyone had had any success using a 2x in the optical train for DS work..... to say it got poo pooed was an understatement lol to be fair i think a lot of answers were based on people not actually trying it but rather explaining why it was a tad faux pas shall be way, until a guy called Dann Parks showed us his captures, i was sold lol so here is my first and only test to
  12. Hi all, Just sharing my rig with you all, originally i had the 10"SCT (now benched) and ZS61 just about maxing out my CEM60 at 54lbs but recently decided to get another frac, the ZS81 now sits alongside his smaller brother. The ZS61 now has pride of place the 2600MC-Pro for wide field work and the ZS81 had my older 294MC-Pro for closer views, im using this for galaxy season coupled to my ES 2xFocal extender to which ive had a great first test shot with, ill post in images section. I will also be using my 385MC with the ZS81 for lunar and possibly planetary capture. Tha
  13. Hi all, if you haven't already seen this on a few other groups then here is the build process of the obsy i designed and built for myself a couple of years ago. Feel free to ask why i decided to do it the way i did etc, unfortunately however due to back problems this will soon be getting a total remodelling and turned into a ROR of my own design. It will be a shame and i will miss my dome but i just cant get under the "hobbit" door that dome obsy's use. At the end of the pics there is my bespoke pier i also designed and built that i will put up later. Thanks for looking in
  14. Lol thanks John, i appreciate the invite, can i just clarify that im not a bully lol joking aside my lifetime ban from another certain place was for not merely agreeing with the clichΓ© πŸ˜‰ but thats over and done with now and im glad to be here instead. I have so much to post but my bed is calling so, roll on tomorrow (Y)
  15. Hi all, many thanks for letting me in. My name is Lee and ive been into astronomy since a young lad, so 40yrs on ive acquired some kit and even built myself a bespoke obsy among many other projects. My main interest these days is astrophotography to which i am 18months into still learning but ive had some nice results so far πŸ˜‰ Ive had all sorts of scopes in the past, from the Astronomy Now build your own newt, to Barry Watts over at Beacon Hill build me my first proper newt, a skeleton framed 12" GEM.... still "wow" comes to mind when i looked through that the first time, to today where i hav
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