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  1. Reprocessed and also full-size but need to sort stars size out! 2.5 Hours in 120 and 180s subs plus calibration WO Redcat 51 on Star Adventurer Tracker - guided ASI294MC Pro with Optolong L-Pro filter Captured on balcony overlooking light-polluted car-park. Sky in general area Bortle 4/5 Stacked in AstroPixelProcessor Processed in Photoshop CC using basic stretch, Starnet++ star control and Camera Raw Filter detailing

    © Tony Garrity

  2. North America & Pelican Nebulae captured with WO Redcat on Star Adventurer Tracker. Optolong L-Pro filetr and ZWO ASI294mc pro camera.
  3. Captured on my light-polluted balcony in North Essex/Suffolk border on 10th May 2021. 20 x 180s subs + calibration files WO Redcat 51 & ZWO ASI294MC Pro Optolong L-Pro filter Skywatcher Star Adventurer Tracker
  4. Captured last year with a Samyang 135mm @ f2.8 using an Optolong l-eNhance filter. Stacked in AstroPixelProcessor using Ha-OIII algorithm and then processed in Photoshop CC.
  5. Heart & Soul Nebula with Perseus Double Cluster

    © Tony Garrity

  6. Thanks Paul, I’m going to try the adapter out I think, if it works with the l-enhance without significant vignetting that will be a result. If not, I may be taking you up on the l-extreme front 😝 Tony
  7. Wasn’t sure where to put this one really as it covers a couple of questions relating to a number of different objects. Does anyone know if Optolong EOS Clip Filters can be used in an Astronomik EOS Clip Filter to M48 Adapter? if so, can this also be used in a ZWO Canon EOS Filter Draw? If so, this would save me having to acquire a new 2” l-pro or l-eNhance filter for using with both the Redcat and the ASI294MC Pro.
  8. Only an hours worth of 120s subs before I ran out of view from the balcony. Here’s a widefield view (and crop) of Markarian’s Chain captured with a WO Redcat 51, Optolong L-pro filter and ZWO ASI294MC Pro camera. stacked in Astropixel Processor and finished in Photoshop CC. Looking forward to adding more data to this.
  9. Actually my first image ever with the ASI294MC Pro. Still extremely limited in choice of targets when this was captured as I was confined to my flat's light-polluted balcony overlooking a car park with lots of LED lights. I managed to get 3 Hours worth of M101 with the Redcat51 and Optolong L-Pro filter on a StarAdventurerTracker using the ZWO ASIAIR for PA, guiding, autofocus and capture. 60 x 60s 60 x 120s + Darks, Flats and Dark Flats Stacked in Astro Pixel Processor Processed in Photoshop CC
  10. This is what I am currently using while confined to my balcony. The intention is to get back out into the fields around the corner, where the LED lighting doesn't intrude so much. The actual skies around here are not bad at all (around Bortle 4/5 in the right place). I also have a Samyang 135mm f2 and a Samyang 14mm that will attach to the ZWO ASI294MC Pro camera for even wider fields. The WO Redcat 51 is my current grab n go scope but I also have an old Skywatcher 80ED (Gold) in the cupboard, awaiting a new permanent (or at least semi-permanent mount). The
  11. Hello everyone! Nice to see some familiar faces from other forums on here. I've been doing this stuff on an off for a long time now. About three years ago I moved from an unlit village in Suffolk to a flat in Mistley, North Essex and had to offload all my permanent rig as there was no place for it in my new environment. I shifted focus to a grab and go rig just in time to find myself confined to my balcony thanks to lockdown 🙂 I have now acquired a new place back in my home town on The Wirral, so retirement will hopefully see the setup of a new permanent rig again! In the meantime,
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