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  1. Good detail and I like the colour.
  2. I like the original. It has something special. It looks like it belongs.
  3. I think you should be pleased with it. Very good image.
  4. Even though this is a big bright galaxy, it is difficult to image and process, your image is excellent. It shows depth and detail. It is one of the best if not the best Triangulum Galaxy images I've seen.
  5. Very good, David. Unguided makes no sense to me. You are a purest 🙂.
  6. This is another image using the live stack in SharpCap. 15 - 60 sec images to a live-stack. Restacked these live-stacked images in PI, Ha-8, OIII-10, SII-11. Finished in Photoshop. I think that I am getting a bit better and it turned out fairly well. The image is cropped and may be 70% of its original size. Samyang 135mm telescope, QHY 163m camera, EQM-35 pro mount, ZWO ASI120mm guide camera / Orion TOAG. Isn't this fun 🙂
  7. The 8" Newt on an EQ mount is the universal telescope. You can do almost everything with that combination. Great choice.
  8. Great image Peter. you captured the dark nebula so well that the NGC 1333 Nebula looks uninteresting.
  9. I have been working on live-stack with SharpCap. This was started for outreach on Oct 16th. Because of the moon, I used a Ha filter. Each stack was 15 - 60 sec images live stacked and was quite clear on the monitor. The program saves the stacked image and I got 13 of these that night. I did it again on the next two nights Oct 17 and Oct 18 using OIII and SII respectively. I ended up with 40 stacked images (13 Ha, 13 OIII, 14 SII ). Because the stacking was for visual use, I did the images with a high gain which had a bit of graininess. The stacked images where processed in Pixinsight and Photoshop like normal images. Samyang 135mm telescope. on a EQM35 pro mount, operated by a small intel Atom computer. ($139.00), a 12 volt monitor found in my celiar, a $29.00 logitech wireless keyboard/mouse, and a not so inexpensive QHY163m camera. This was a fun project and even though the Veil Nebula image does have a few issues, it is OK.
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