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  1. Ill wives do not always give you lots of extra time. They do make us better time managers. Astronomy is great. You can be interrupted any time and the night is usually like free time.
  2. Very nice, I like the colour. On my screen. it has a silver sheen.
  3. Welldone John. I can see where that would be difficult to process.
  4. This is one of my, getting old, batteries. They have worked for more years than they should have and some need replacement. I've been thinking about doing a step up. Thanks for doing my homework for me. I feel like the person standing on the edge of the pool with cold water and hesitating to jump in. You came up behind me and pushed me in. I just ordered a Beaudens 240Wh Power Station. 🙂
  5. Many, many years ago I used an Edmund Scientific Astroscan. My son bought it when he was 12 yrs old (he's now 57). Through the years I would read about the wonderful eyepieces made by Tele Vue in the Astronomy Magazine. Their prices where very high. I eventually got a new telescope with a few eyepieces. Years later when I retired, I found the astronomy classified. These Tele View eyepieces are now old, and newer, greater are on the market. I could now afford the Tele Vue, so I bought a used Tele Vue 40mm wide angle. It was affordable and everything it was claimed to be. I bought a few sizes to
  6. I have had an Orion 127 Mak and an Orion 90 Mak for years. I've been happy with them. My 127 Mak with an Antares f/6.3 focal reducer and my old Canon 450D is great for the moon and with a solar filter works with the sun. It is my first choice if I am going somewhere. It's very versatile. I think this is the right photo 🙂
  7. John, this is what made it possible to get focus with the OAG and filter drawer system. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/astro-essentials-samyang-lens-to-m48-adapter.html An adapter that replaced the Canon bayonet on the back of the Samyang with a 48mm thread. I did have to file away about half the thread to shorten the length (lots of thread left). The adapter did take a few months to get all the way from the UK. 🙂
  8. The drill may not always come with the kit. If not buy it seperate.
  9. I would look into "Helicoil" thread repair kit. They replace the striped threads. The kit comes with a drill, tap, insert tool, and helicoil threads. They look like a small spring. drill out the old threads, tap new threads, and insert the coil and finished. many racing mechanics will take a new aluminum engine and replace all the original threads with "Helicoil" threads. Here, they are found at auto repair stores or online. I have used them for years.
  10. Not so massive. This Samyang 135mm took me a bit of time and some filing, bracket making, and head scratching. We have had nothing but clouds, but I have been able to get the imaging camera and off access guiding (OAG) camera to focus on some trees across the lake (about one mile). It has a Feather Touch focus motor, Orion TOAG, and a TS filter drawer. The vixen shoe is for a guide scope, in case I couldn't get the off access guide camera to focus, which it did with some modifying . The whole kit weighs 2.2KG (a bit less than 5 pounds). I suspect that I will be using the Carole System of cabl
  11. A very beautiful photo. The colour is perfect.
  12. Craig, There are a number of us, We are so fortunate to have the use of the Backyard (BYA). It seems that we are the adapted sons and daughters here. 🙂
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