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  1. I envy you. I am not going to re-tidy every night I can image. Carole has figured it out for us who start from scratch every night we can image.
  2. It works good for me, but then I image from a wood deck so I am never near the scope while imaging.
  3. Great image. I prefer the original. It looks like it belongs in the night sky.
  4. Peter, this is the best Eagle Nebula i've seen, and I've seen lots. You are an inspiration
  5. Keeps getting better. Nice image Mark.
  6. Hi Bill. The Orion Telescope mounts have always been the same mount as Skywatcher (black not white) which until recently have not been available in the USA. You should like this site.
  7. This is the one that I use. I got it through Amazon, but I came across this and it is less than I payed. Not sure about UK price. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32826683334.html?ug_edm_item_id=32826683334&edm_click_module=old_ams_material_1767066&creative_img_ind=6&tracelog=rowan&rowan_id1=edm_dp_st_topselection_20201113_1_en_US_2021-06-24&rowan_msg_id=maryCOWS_9620_$3a80151be7414b84b9dc0df5ae8fd0ae&ck=in_edm_other
  8. Very nice image, Tony. Your kit looks cool.
  9. I got my adapter at First Light Optics (FLO). I believe they are in the UK. Three fairly small screws to remove the existing bayonet mount and use the existing three screws to install the adapter. The adapter is aluminum so it is fairly sturdy.
  10. I have the USA version of the AZ-EQ6 (black, not white). It is a workhorse and the guiding is quite good. My heaviest scope is the 10" RC. and the AZ-EQ6 handles it easily. I am sure you will like this mount.
  11. Thanks, Mark I sent the photo to Astronomy.net They counted and tagged over 190 items (galaxies). So many tags, they covered the whole image.
  12. I also prefer the second version. the colours in the image are not often found in AP. I think it is the yellow and orange (could be my laptop). I like the soft texture of the image. The picture is very relaxing.
  13. I finally got first light with my Samyang. It is of the Virgo Galaxy Cluster. The photo is not very exciting, but it is ok, The sky had some high thin clouds and the moon was low. I finally got the OAG working good. The focus motor is great because the focusing is touchy. I am going to like this telescope. 🙂
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