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  1. I know nothing about AP but I really enjoy looking at the pics you all post. As far as I am concerned there were no 1st, 2nd or 3rd places......I think you’re all winners.
  2. I find your remarks particularly interesting as you are using the kit with fast refractors, ie ST 80 and 102, which would give results similar to mine (ST 120) It’s interesting that you say you are hoping to try it with a dielectric instead of a prism: I assume there is a weight difference then? It will also be interesting to see if you notice any difference, as based purely on what I have read (being new to this hobby with limited experience) dielectrics are apparently more suited to fast scopes.! It was based on that, that when I purchased mine I immediately obtained a dielect
  3. A good follow up to your earlier review Thanks.
  4. Welcome aboard Greg. Nice to see a member from over the water.
  5. I am selling the following item for collection only. I live close to Penrith in Cumbria, a short distance from the M6. Skywatcher Explorer 150P reflector. OTA only, but including tube rings and dovetail. i recently purchased this ‘used’ purely to obtain the tripod it was mounted on. Unfortunately I don’t have the room for another scope and hence the OTA is up for sale. I was informed by the previous owner that he quickly tired of the hobby and put it into storage where it has been for the past 2 years. Whilst in storage he lost the finderscope and 2” to 1.25” adapter so
  6. Hi Steve Welcome, to what I have found to be, a very friendly and helpful forum.
  7. Between 50 and 100........just how strong was that fizzy pop🙂 I have a bit of a fond spot for satellites as they were one of the first things that got me interested in looking at the night sky. Even now, me and my other half often have competitions to see who is first to see one.
  8. Spooky........correct me if I am wrong, but that looks identical to one I have just purchased to try out. The only difference is that mine is marked as Revelation Astro, but they look identical. i haven’t tried it yet, but reviews were good. If it is the same item I would definitely be interested in your experiences with yours?
  9. Thanks for that. It’s one of a small number at the top of my list and your remarks make me feel that my thinking has been on the right lines. i will keep scanning the marketplace.
  10. Another good review from your good self! I almost feel like mailing you some of my kit and asking you to conduct reviews on it🙂 This was of interest to me as I was very close to purchasing a BST 2x Barlow so it was interesting to read your remarks. Although I have a 2x Barlow already (and the performance seems ok) it lets itself down by merely having a thumbscrew to support the eyepieces. I would happily change to something of a similar quality but with a compression ring so that I felt my eyepieces were more secure. keep on conducting your reviews.......I eagerly antici
  11. An EQ5 pro (go to) sold on eBay yesterday for £590. And most of the price was added in the last 24hrs! There is however one on gumtree for a fixed price of £500. It looks like new! I find gumtree a place worth worth keeping an eye on: it doesn’t have the following of sites like eBay so it doesn’t have the variety of stuff advertised, but every now and again it has good items at a reasonable price. When I came into this hobby (only a few months ago) I watched various sites, but I have had some of my best buys through gumtree! Thought i I would make you aware i
  12. Can’t help you on the technical stuff, but what a great picture!
  13. Nice post🙂 I do find it interesting looking at peoples DIY solutions to issues they come across. There seem to be all sorts of products out there and quite often a little bit of thought and research will result in a practical solution thats more budget friendly than going to one of the branded purpose made items. I never knew those little clamps existed!
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