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  1. Well, May only produced one night for imaging, and it was the very last one! Here is M27, the Dumbbell, or Apple Core Nebula. I processed to try to enhance small scale contrast detail. Altair Astro RC8 at 1600mm FL with OVL refractor field flattener. AZ-EQ6 GT controlled using Green Swamp Software GS server. ZWO ASI 071 mc pro camera, guided with 60mm guider and PHD2. Taken with Astro Photography Tool, pre-processed and stacked in nebulosity4, and post processed in StarTools. 30 x 200secs @ Gain90 and Offset 23. Temp @ -10c, Bortle 5 sky.
  2. Thank you all for the welcome, hoping to learn from, and contribute to this community!
  3. 60 year old long term practical observer since my early teens. Originally from yorkshire, started with the usual 60mm japanese refractor in the late 70’s. Originally trained as a mechanical engineer. Now use a 11”SCT for visual, and solar system imaging, and an RC8 for deep-sky imaging. I retired a couple of years ago to look after my ill wife, so plenty of observing time on my hands now.
  4. Heres my 2021 attempt at M101. Altair Astro RC8 @ F8. ASI071mc, 63x240secs. ATP, Siril, Startools. Sent from my ipad, so may have lost some sharpness in uploading.
  5. Thanks guys, appreciate the comments. My first year with the C11, and not much time to learn its foibles before mars was here and then gone again!
  6. My composite of my mars images last apparition. C11 edgeHd, EQ6AZ, Altair Astro 224mc.
  7. What a fantastic image. I dont think ive seen such a wide view of this object. stunning.
  8. Altair Astro RC8, ASI 071mc at gain 90, -10c and 53x240sec subs, AZEQ6 mount. Taken in APT, Calibrated with Nebulosity4, stacked in Siril, processed in Startools.
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