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    hi Bungle cheers, I did this a year ago with DSLR with a Skytech Triband filter.
  2. thanks all, much appreciated.
  3. Hi Gilmour and welcome, those skies must be amaaaaaazing!
  4. hi Ken and welcome, I'm relatively new to this forum and it seems like a nice place to be.
  5. Hi Dave and welcome to this forum.
  6. I like the way it's admiring itself in the mirror☺️
  7. Galileo


    Cocoon Nebula in Cygnus, one of my favorite targets.
  8. Processing has always ben the bain of my life till SIRIL came along, does that sound like you? I've always loved the practical part of imaging, setting up and capture then dreaded processing. I discovered it through Cuiv the lazy geek on youtube, very entertaining chap and well worth a look at. I've thrashed around previously trying to find the software to work for me, not really liking the sound of Pixinsight or Photoshop or the expense so a freebie is always worth a try eh? My first effort with it resulted a finished Cocoon nebula within an hour of dowloading SIRIL. Some features really take the pain out of processing and I've had my fair share of that. It is simple to use and the scripts work very well indeed and basically you load your lights and calibration frames and set if off going. It's really quick as well and didn't tie my computer up. Photometric colour calibration is a doddle, background extraction works brilliantly and the userface is sooooo simple. I'm guessing it doesn't have the features or level of customization of the other big softwares but this SIRIL is for me for sure. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
  9. First image for a while, this one from my new home in Shropshire with lovely dark skies. 90 mins of data in 180" subs. ASI 533 MC with Canon 300mm lens unguided on HEQ5 pro. Captured with MAxim dl and processed with the absolutely amazing free software SIRIL. A processing revelation.
  10. Hi all, looking forward to being active on this new forum. Clear skies to all members
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