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  1. My first attempt at NGC 7000 and I’m reasonably happy with it although the framing could have been better! William Optics GT81 iv with 0.8 flattener Altair 269C Pro Tec OSC EQ6 Pro mount Altair Quad band filter 24 x 300s lights 28 x 180s lights 10ea darks 180 & 300s Stacked in DSS and processed in PS 2020
  2. Hi All, I am looking to purchase a wedge for my Meade LX200 GPS 12” scope, if anyone can help or has one for sale please message me. Thanks for looking Ken
  3. Awesome Brian thanks I’ll get straight on it on check it out
  4. I’m 25 days into the trial and still have no idea what I’m doing! Photoshop is a much more intuitive tool once you have a work flow mapped out!
  5. Thanks Carole, you know I’ve watched some many videos on what to do and when, in the end just do it and learn! BTW Pixinsight is a nightmare I’ve yet to even get an image from! 🤭
  6. Thanks John and Terry, I am sure I will seems like a very friendly forum and boy do I need help at times 😂
  7. Thanks Brian, absolutely loving it just not loving the clouds😂
  8. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to say hello my name is Ken and I’m new to astrophotography having bought my imaging rig in February this year. I have been observing for many years using a Meade LX200 GPS 12” scope but now my new passion is imaging (if only the weather would listen). The imaging setup is: William optics GT81 iv refractor William Optics 6A iii flattener Altair Astro 269C Pro TEC OSC Guiding with ZWO 120mm Mini and WO 50mm uniguide scope. EQ6 Pro mount. I know I have a long way to go and lots of YouTubing to do yet 😃 so if do
  9. The Bubble Nebula NGC 7635, taken on 24-25/04/2021 in Blakeney Gloucestershire. This is my first attempt at this object after stating to image in February 2021. William Optics GT81 Field flattener Altair Astro 269c Pro TÉC OSC EQ6 Pro mount 66 x 240s lights 20 x 240s darks 20 x .1s flats Hope you like it as much as I do 😊
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