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  1. Mirror baffle arrived yesterday and I installed it last night I also painted it Matt black
  2. Well I done it, used grip bond pro, used penny’s as spacers just waiting for it to cure, also awaiting a a mirror baffle from ts service to cover the very edge of the mirror further reducing flaring on brighter stars
  3. It works by blocking the very edge of the primary mirror from the turned down edge that causes light to scatter causing flaring on brighter stars
  4. I already have a ton of stainless m4 screws of various lengths ready for the job 👍 if it does a good job I may order one to fit to my skywatcher 10 inch f4 Newtonian
  5. The 130pds is notorious for flaring round the stars lots of people fit one to that scope,I myself will be fitting one to my 130pds very soon as I’ve just ordered from the same company obviously the 130pds version
  6. I was also looking at the silicone used for aquariums as it’s designed for glass and has no shrinkage when curing that normal silicone does of around 2%
  7. Thanks for replying I will have a look at sikaflex
  8. I’m thinking of doing this to my mirror on the 130pds and do away with the mirror clips that give the horrid dark spots on brighter stars, I don’t want to use a mask to surround the whole mirror making it slightly smaller in diameter, has anybody siliconed their primary to its cell before? And does it affect the mirror in any way? silicone is pretty strong once cured, don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t do this on my big 10 inch mirror but the 130s mirror is only small and light
  9. Craig a

    New Mount

    Yep I belt modded and swapped all bearings for skf ones on my 10 year old neq6 last year, it’s like a new mount again now guiding has Improved dramatically, also fitted the rail kit now that is brilliant! Polar alignment is a piece of cake now, no more bendy bolt syndrome. Recently done away with the handset and gone over to eq mod and Nina just waiting for my first session of the season to see how it all goes
  10. Fabulous Peter a real eye catcher
  11. Hi David it’s me your chat box buddy 😂
  12. Hello everyone looking forward to posting on this new forum, and talking to new people, but looking around there’s quite a few I already know from astronomy shed, clear sky’s peeps 🙂
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