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  1. Steady seeing last night & Jupiter putting on a great show with ganymede & shadow transit too! Images taken with a C9 & skyris 236 mono camera x 1.5 amplification! Thanks for looking.
  2. Saturn taken in steady seeing. Images taken with a C9 & skyris 236m camera! Thanks for looking!
  3. Cheers Guys heres another taken with a 685 nm ir filter with moon in tow!
  4. Jittery conditions here in the east mids but managed some half decent captures of the giants! All captures taken with a C9 skyris 236m camera at 1,5x amplification! Thanks for looking.
  5. Thanks everyone for the positive remarks, Regards Simon!
  6. Taken this morning in fair seeing, gave up on RGB due to very weak blue channel. image taken with a C9 & skyris 236m! Thanks for looking.
  7. Also known as Si@nite

  8. High res shot of copernicus taken in good seeing. Image taken with my C9 - skyris - 236m camera!
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