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  1. ribuck

    Mars compilation 2020

    Simply Stunning Andy. I've long thought about trying my hand at planetary imaging. Now how do i sneak a C11 past my wife without her noticing.
  2. Gabs an 80mm Refractor is a very good starting point, as it will be easy to guide and balance on your mount. For imaging with Refractors be aware there are several different types :- Achromatic (No good for imaging) doublet (Semi-Apo) - these are fine, but require more time to process images due to colour imbalance Triplet (Apo) - ideal perfect choice as they have no colour imbalance. Ideally if you can buy a triplet, then that would be the best option, but it comes down to cash. You will also need a Flattener or you will get elongated stars at the edge of
  3. Hi Gabs, May i offer some advice from a person who has tried imaging with just about every scope type possible on the planet. Newtonians aren't ideal as first imaging scopes, they require a lot of precise collimation and cheap mass produced newt's are not ideal as their mirrors can move a lot due to poor build quality / design. When starting out in astro Imaging you need something small, light and with a short focal length, such as 80mm-100mm Refractor as they are pretty much plug and play and you dont need to worry about back focus and are far easier to guide. Imaging
  4. If nothing else - just replace the rubber to get proper spring to help hold collimation as the scope moves across the sky.
  5. god yes get rid of the rubber and get as set of good springs - dont buy astro ones as they are a rip off as they charge £20 for 3 little springs. i learnt that that the hard way. Typically they then tend to have about 15-20mm height and tend to made from thicker 1.3mm wire. something like this. Teleskop-Express: TS Optics reinforced springs for main mirror cell - set of three As for the primary mirror mask - it's essentially a flat ring that fits above your primary mirror to conceal the edge of your mirror that refracts light. it has 2 purposes It softens and hel
  6. 3 upgrades i recommend for anyone with a newt :- Focuser Primary Mirror Mask Primary Mirror cell spring upgrade
  7. Thats looking very nice peter, and i'm especially impressed you managed to get the 200P to work. I tried imaging with mine years ago in my early days on scopes and gave up. That said i know lot more know about fettling a newt these days, so i might try pimping mine as i still have it.
  8. welcome to the forum and good to see another Shedder making the transition.
  9. Perfectly normal - Brian did you not know that the uk land mass sits on a special mantle that contains a rare type of metal called CloudusMagnetus and is usually strongest in the dark winter months. It's effects are easily observable through telescopes and often results in a human condition called HumanusPeedOffus and often manifesting itself in frowning of the face, shaking fists skyward and annoyed rants often including expletives 🤔
  10. Gary, great image. love the contrast of the dark & light clouds - Maybe needs a bit of noise reduction to clean up the image and really make it pop
  11. So Vicki, having kids have you witnessed the special phenomena that only happens on Perfect clear nights, where the kids either refuse to go to sleep, or be little Monkey's - Yet on cloudy nights they go to bed on time and are little angels. Curious to know if this Phenomena is localised to just my home or is more wide spread 🤔
  12. No, i've not added any Ha to it yet. I need to do more work to adjust the colours - just need to sort the saturated stars first, as you cant apply colour correctly to saturated stars.
  13. Many thanks all. Martin be careful, Astronomy can be addictive and very expensive if you are lured by the temptress that is Astro-Imaging.
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