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  1. I'll second that, a fantastic piece of software offering a using range of processing tools. I have been using it for calibration and stacking for some time now, and IMHO it does a far better job than APP. Roy
  2. Thanks Peter, I've reworked the processing to make the galaxy stand-out a little better and reduce some of the graininess in the darker areas. Roy
  3. Taken over two nights with a ASI1600MC on a SW200PDS. The integrated image comprises 50 five minute subs taken with a gain of 300 and offset 50. Roy
  4. Wonderful detail there Brian, and I particularly like the almost three dimensional effect in the lower right foreground. Roy
  5. Well that looks pretty impressive to me. I've been struggling with the same galaxy group, and I have to say my efforts with an OSC cmos camera are poor by comparison. Although imaging from a Bortle 4/5 location, I'm plague by high humidity levels which makes these faint objects so hard to capture. Roy
  6. Thanks Peter, much appreciated. Roy
  7. I imaged this galaxy a few nights ago with a ZWO 1600MC pro (OSC) mounted on a SW 200PDS. The stacked image comprises 24 five minute subs stacked in APP with darks and flats, finally processed in PS and ImagesPlus. Thanks for looking, Roy
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