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  1. First image with my new set up 5hrs of 3min lights 30 of each bias frames Bortle 5 AA Wave 80mm AA 269c Lextreme filter Captured in NINA ( first time using this having always used APT ) APP, Starnett ++, Photoshop Pleased with how this has turned out.
  2. And that runs everything with no issues? I've now purchased something, I know very little about PC specs and what is required to run imaging software. But the one I've bought looks to have bigger numbers on things. Maybe I've bought something more than I actually needed. It's all set up though now and got everything connected and appears to work fine indoors. Not dark enough or clear to give it all a proper outdoor session yet.
  3. I'll be giving my 115 ago but going to try using my 80 to start with.
  4. I've got two altair scopes. 80mm and 115mm Wave. Well impressed with the 115 hence the 80 purchase. Not used it yet though roll on some dark clear nights.
  5. So having sold my C8 I've put together a wider field rig, this be it. Altair Wave 80mm Altair 60mm guide scope Pegasus focus cube AA 269c OSC All sat on one losmandy par. Connected this to 2 x clamps which are fitted to the piers, can interchange scopes with ease then and just minimal rewiring if I do so. Sat under is a mini pc and a power box. Can now set up, remote into this from laptop and once polar aligned I can then run everything from wherever, indoors or out via WiFi network. Going to move from APT to NINA I think later this year and see how that shapes up.
  6. Having not spent enough on this hobby already I'm now thinking of getting a mini pc to run my new rig on and tapping into it from indoors ( as an option ) . Knowing very little of them does this spec look sufficient to run required programmes for an imaging session? Also are there any guides or does anyone know what it entails to use one and just be able to have things run auto once it's powered up so that I'd just be able to connect via my laptop and get it all set for a session. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for both your replies. I'll look into it. From watching YouTube users make it look quite straight forward and the processes they use seem to make sense. Also looks to generate some good images.
  8. My current processing ( knowledge of which is limited ) is stack, noise pollution and maybe some colour tweaking in APP, Starnett to separate target from stars, process both in PS then recombine. Results often pleasing ( to myself anyway ). Watching various YouTube bits and seeing people bang on about Pixinsight has me wondering....do I shell out and give it ago?? What are peoples opinions on it from those who have either currently use it or have tried to use it?
  9. C8, AA269C , Lpro filter APT, APP, Starnett and PS 5hrs of data with 30 each of flats, darks and dark flats. Taken from my Bortle 5 back garden in Bury, UK.
  10. Selling my celestron C8 OTA. I bought this just before Xmas last year of a friend. I've used it a few times this galaxy season but have decided I prefer widder field imaging having given this a try I'm selling with it a pegasus pocket power box, a power connector to allow this to be used with an EQ6R mount ( unsure if this fits other mounts also ), an astrozap heated dew shield, bhatinov mask,telrad finder this is a couple of months old and works great. The Celestron 6.3 focal reducer ( great for imaging with on this scope ) , upgraded celestron fine focuser( ideal for tweaking at such a high focal length ) an additional dovetail rail on top which I used for the power box and guide scope to sit on, baadar 2 inch locking gadget on the rear off the scope, a visual back adapter and a box with a diagonal in, and eye piece and various extension tubes.
  11. Cheers. I'll post any pics I get to take but looking light no clear sky anytime soon and dark time getting shorter and shorter. Time to assemble my new 80mm Wave rig for some nebulas later in the year.
  12. Hi, Matt from Bury and landed here after the astronomy shed news. Hope all is well.
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