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  1. Beautiful. You just barely managed to grab the soap bubble in the frame!
  2. Indeed, but the book is about the women that examined the glass photographic plates. The women were called computers and analyzed the glass plate images and basically did all of the work in hunting for asteroids, supernovae, variables, and figuring out the spectrum for all of the stars.
  3. Spectacular. This would be great with about 90 minutes of Ha data added to it. Congrats Wayne.
  4. Beautiful image Brian. What focal length are you shooting with or is this cropped tightly from a wider fov? On a side note, I recently listened to an audio book called The Glass Universe by Dava Sobel that talks mainly about the women in the late 1800's, early 1900's that did much of the glass plate inspections at the early observatories. It goes into great detail about their work and the work of the Pickering brothers and Harlow Shapley. It's a really interesting read for those interested in the hobby.
  5. 09-07_08-2021 NGC253, the Sculptor Galaxy or the Silver Coin Galaxy in Sculptor Explore Scientific ED152mm, ASI2600mm Camera, Chroma Filters, CGX Mount, Captured with NINA, Processed with PixInsight 15x 120sec Lum = 30 minutes 15x 180sec ea. RGB = 2hrs 15min Total Integration Time = 2 hrs 45 min. Taken from Wee Thump south of Las Vegas SQM reading - 21.04 Mag. 8.0 00h 47m 33s −25° 17′ 18″
  6. Here it is with the Ha & OIII data added but my PixInsight skills are horrible, I'm just now learning the program. It doesn't seem to have added much yet there is so much in the stacked Ha & OIII channels. I don't think I have the percentages on the combine right just yet.
  7. 09/03_04/2021 First light with all new gear. Explore Scientific ED152CF f8 - 1216mm F.L. ZWO ASI2600mm Pro Chroma RGB filters 30x 120sec ea. RGB = 3 hours Taken from Nelson's Landing, southeast of Las Vegas. Edited in PixInsight, tweaked in PhotoShopCC Over the course if this night and the evening of 09/04_05 I also managed to capture 3 hours of Ha and 3 hours of OIII data that I have yet to integrate into this image. I've learned that with the new 2600mm I can push my broadband exposures much greater than I could with the 1600. I should have went with 4 or even 5 minute subs.
  8. Great image Terry. I've been tempted to pick up a RedCat but I'm afraid if I buy another scope it might mean divorce. I Better hold off for now.
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