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  1. I'm not sure how scientific your comparison is but it sure looks to me that it hasn't dimmed any in this timeframe. Very nice shot.
  2. I realize this is a very old post but I'll chime in anyway. Roger, did you ever have any luck with this issue? I use SharpCapPro quite a bit and found when I encountered stacking issues it sometimes had to do with my gain being set too high. I'm guessing SharpCap was having difficulty distinguishing between noise and stars in the stacking process. If your guiding is good, I'd recommend lowering your gain and increasing your individual exposure time. See if that works for you. I've had great success with SharpCapPro in stacking on faint galaxies including M33, M81-82, M51.
  3. Beautiful image. My plan tonight is to go after this same target if the weather gods continue to play my way. StellarVue SV70T w/ .8x reducer/flattener and ZWO 1600mm should give me similar framing options.
  4. I know this doesn't compete with Peter's image of M20 but I'm happy with it considering my entire imaging setup probably cost less than his filter set. Plus, I don't have his processing skills either. 😃😃
  5. This first image of M8 The Lagoon Nebula is an Ha only shot from my Bortle 8 backyard. Explore Scientific ED127mm APO, ZWO 1600mm camera, Baader Filters, CGX Mount, Captured using NINA, Processed with Astro Pixel Processor. 30x 60second exposures Ha filter only. Colorized in Photoshop This shot of M20 the Trifid Nebula was shot from a Bortle 4 location about 45 minutes south of my home. Explore Scientific ED127mm scope, ZWO ASI1600mm cooled camera, Baader LRGB Filters 60x 1minute Luminance 30x 1minute ea RGB Total Integration time: 2hrs30min. Pro
  6. Looking for opinions on the 170HD and the larger Crux 200HDA model if you own one.
  7. I thought for a while in painting my CGX counterweights to match the Celestron orange color but two things stopped me from proceeding. 1. The first challenge was finding a matching orange without having the actual color from Celestron. 2. After about 3 months of use and seeing how dinged up and scratched my original black colored weights were getting, I realized just how bad those scratches and dings were going to show up on a bright orange surface, so I changed my mind. It looks great now though so take all your beauty shots now before they are used a few times.
  8. Explore Scientific ED127 and ZWO 1600mm. Lucky imaging using the best 25% of 1500 frames. And a few details labeled.
  9. I don't do a lot of Ha imaging but this is one of my favorites from a few years back when we had a little more activity than we do lately. Sorry I don't remember the AR number on the main spot there near the center. Lunt 80mm Single stack dedicated Ha scope, CGX mount, ASI 1600mm camera A bit of a different process on the same image. I was blown away by that huge filament across the surface.
  10. Wow! Just Wow!. I'm not sure what I'm more impressed with, the image or the rig that took the image!
  11. Mighty fine for only one hour of data. I can only imagine how great it would have been with three hours had you not had tracking issues.
  12. Just when I figured this beauty had faded away.... Wow, I'm very surprised to see it has brightened since I too iamged it way back on March 28th. Here's a blink I did of it at that time compared to a shot from last year before it flared up. I wished both of these images compared better but the original non-nova image was taken from a Bortle 2 location and the shot with the nova was taken from my backyard under Bortle 8 skies.
  13. Between the weather and dealing with family issues, last night was my first opportunity to get out in the past month. I managed to capture these three globulars and one open cluster from the Redstone Trailhead in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. SQL Reading 45 minutes after the crescent moon set was 21.16. Temp was 86°f (30°c) at the reading time but dropped to 72°f (22.2°c) by 3:30am local time when I wrapped up the session. Details are identical for all images. Explore Scientific ED127mm APO with .7x Reducer/Corrector CGX Mount, ZWO ASI1600mm Camera cooled to -10° Offse
  14. Yes, I know Antoine fairly well. We've gone out together a few times to image from a few secret dark sky locations. I do narrowband from home and both narrowband and broadband from a variety of Bortle 2-3 locations nearby. I've even found an awesome Bortle 1 camping location at 7000' (2133m) but it's a 5 hour drive. Hoping to go there in August once again during the Persieds. When it's 115°f (46°c) here at home it's a cozy 55-65° (12-18°c) up in the mountains. As I mentioned above, it's difficult to do any narrowband here in the Vegas Valley but our air is so dry that you only need to
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