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  1. Thanks for the nice comments everyone.
  2. Hi Carole I am in the Barrington tops which is maybe 3 hours north of Sydney.
  3. Gary has the most important comment in that you can spend the price of a small car on gear but the challenge is turning the output into an image that’s valuable to someone I started with photoshop and still have a subscription but I barely use it now. I have used PI for a few years and the main advantage is that the programming behind the processes is always consistent and operates in a logical, repeatable way. Of course you get to tweak and experiment which is why everyone goes off on one about there not being a user guide but out of the box you can be pretty close without too mu
  4. This is the current project. A first light from my observatory build and an area of the sky that has loads going on in it. The plate solved version can be seen here on Astrobin. I might have pushed it a bit hard but I fiddled around with some noise reduction and it seems ok. I also noticed the star registration isn't quite right with some blue fringes on the stars so after I do luminance I will give that a tweak. My biggest challenge is that the CCD is preloved, like most of my gear, and quite old with plenty of sensor defects but cosmetic correction and dithering a lot
  5. As you well know, the pants weather arrives just after everything is built/purchased and ready to go.Sadly we get our fair share of that here as well depending on where you are.
  6. I recently got the chance to commence an observatory build at a very dark location where we have a small property. The intent is to go fully unattended at some point so it’s being designed with that in mind. I have a number of constraints including only having Mobile Broadband connectivity. The footprint will be very small and will have to blend in with the environment. Happy with that as my last build was quite large and it turned out I didn’t really need that warm room after all. There’s a bad time lapse of the previous build at this link. The first part of this
  7. I have a subscription to ASTRONOMY NOW as well as Astronomy Technology Today which is focussed more on Kit. I have let sky at night lapse though.
  8. I am indeed. Was imaging NGC6164/5 last night in Oii and will do some more tonight. Great spot for NB but also good for globular and open clusters.
  9. Really Interesting image, thanks for sharing. david
  10. Awesome image Peter. Love the detail and colours
  11. Shouts to Carole for tipping me the wink that there was a new forum and I can’t believe I was able to have David as my user name! I have spent a really enjoyable 10 years learning as much as possible not just about astrophotography but also about what I am imaging and it never gets old. Having built an observatory in Sydney I now have another one I am working on in the Barrington Tops which has fantastic dark skies (25 minutes away from the nearest streetlight at 90 kms per hour) and where I spent most of last year hiding out. Right now I am looking for ways to give ba
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