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  1. I didn't open the internal tube of the focuser without removing the base, and i can see there is gap, i mean when i move the focuser up and down there is slight gap, when i mount flashlight from any direction i can see it from the other side, so no wonder why there is light leak, and only when i use narrowbanding filters mainly Ha i barely see it, but it is there for sure, now if i take light frames in dark, doesn't light pollution or skyglow getting inside too? I am thinking about a focuser tube i saw somewhere without base, but i can't be sure if that one is a light leak proof
  2. Ok, i will do that soon and see if that is the issue, then what? If that was the issue i will never go out with a wrapping whatever around the focuser all the time, not for both Newt, i want a better solution, so first i will see if the focuser is the issue then i will see how to replace it for a better solution. I am wondering about others who are using Newt, aren't they facing this light leak with stock focuser, sometimes i feel like i am the only person who faces only issues in my astro imaging, i feel like i have to stop and shouldn't care anymore about doing astrophotography,
  3. Nice image! What gain did you use for this camera? And which mode? Did you use any filter?
  4. Because i am new here, what is your equipment for this image?
  5. I covered the back or rear of Newt where the primary mirror is and it is still light leak, same didn't change of light leak, i mean it didn't reduce it when i cover the back, so the primary mirror isn't the cause here.
  6. The second one of SHO i also prefer, thank you Carole for sharing this beauty 👍
  7. Very nice one, i tried this target as the first globular cluster [not M45 one] to give a test to my new color camera, and using my Newt, it was failed with me, yours is great.
  8. Hi, I tested my Newtonian scopes both i have, 6" F/4 and 8" F/5, and both simply have light leak, don't know from where, but most likely around the focuser chamber, and i am not interested to replace both to high end/quality ones such as FeatherTouch or MoonLite yet, so are anyone of you facing the same issue and fixed it without replacing the focuser if possible???
  9. I have the same illness or symptoms but buying more scopes and cameras and filters ...
  10. Oh no, you need a CURE, Urgently..... LOL
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