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  1. I'm exploring EAA as an option for home and everything seems to indicate that live stacking can pull out a lot of targets, even in heavy LP. I think the Revolution Imager does 5 stacks maximum; not sure about other video cameras like the Atik.
  2. The last two weeks of June were pretty much all clouds and rain here, so here's hoping July will be better! Maybe I can even make it out to a dark site once or twice.
  3. I've been considering an upgrade to my current alt-az mounts and I'm wondering what people think of the Vixen APZ: APZ I'm hesitant because of the price, especially since I could get a SkyTee or clone for a good bit less. But I don't care for the looks of the SkyTee and would likely never put two scopes on it at the same time. My heaviest scope is 5kg, so I don't need something super massive and I need a grab-n-go, but my current mounts are a bit taxed with 5kg on them. Any thoughts / experiences?
  4. Maybe I should add that 2-3 of the sats in the string I saw flared briefly.
  5. I consider B4 to be a dark site. I live in a 7-8. 😧
  6. Aside from "Sky and Telescope", I subscribe to "Sky at Night". Being in the US though, my "S@N" issues are arriving between 15 and 30 days late - I received the June issue yesterday. But they did send an email several months ago warning there could be delays due to COVID and most content is still useful. I really like their equipment reviews. "S&T" was purchased by the American Astronomical Association and the content has improved a good deal IMO. I pick up "Astronomy Now" occasionally at a local bookstore as well as "Sky News" (Canada). Online I read phys.org, astrobites.org, and arxiv.org.
  7. I've seen one train - lost count somewhere in the upper teens - just a few weeks ago. I have to admit it was rather spectacular looking and I can see how less knowledgeable people would be inclined to think they were UFOs.
  8. I'm in rather heavy light pollution, so I usually go for open and globular star clusters. I can see some brighter emission nebulae and just a few galaxies here, so I tend to observe those when I'm at a dark site. The moon is good at first and last quarters.
  9. Of course - 80/400 Meade achromatic refractor upgraded with a Lunt Crayford focuser. I started with an Astro-Tech 15mm Paradigm EP (same as a BST or Agena) for 27X (that's my usual "cruising about" EP) and then changed to a 10mm Vixen SLV for 40X. I'm in a Bortle 7, close to 8, light pollution zone, so open clusters are good targets here.
  10. Took out my 80mm grab-n-go refractor for a quick look last night - had to be quick because twilight doesn't end until 2230 here now and I'm an early riser by nature. After observing some clusters in Cyg and Lyr, I slewed over to Serpens to have a look at open cluster IC4756 and fortuitously stumbled upon NGC6633. I had either misread my Wixey or the coords on SkySafari. Anyway, it's a very pretty object - one bright star "below" the cluster with a Cassiopeia-like impression to it until you start to perceive the fainter stars. If you're an OC fan, I suggest having a look at 6633 - it's well worth it IMO.
  11. Also one of my favorite areas for visual observing.
  12. I'm considering buying a Canon (unmodified) T7 to dip my toe into astrophotography. My main interest is wide field constellation pictures, but I'd probably eventually try some open cluster shots through one of my fast refractors. I've been researching dedicated astrocams, but I don't want to fuss with a laptop scopeside and if I decide AP isn't for me, I could just keep the DSLR for general photography. Thoughts or experiences? Thanks!
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