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  1. I'm confused by a few things and hope for clarifications. The telescope provided to me is 114/910 and label says f/8. If I create a new tube for the 850 mirror I bought, the secondary mirror should be placed at 33.46457 inches from PrimaryMirror correct? Should the 910's SecondaryMirror function for the 850 PM if I place it in the correct location or will I need new lenses and SM? Thanks for your time and blessings!
  2. I'll put the original back in and see. Thanks. Blessings!
  3. Here are more photos of the device
  4. Not sure about the corrective lens they are talking about in the Bird-Jones. Is it part of the actual lenses? I only see a primary mirror and a reflector in the telescope. Nothing is inside the lens holder. Attaching lens photos (it's .965)
  5. I will photo it later if time permits. Scratches are fine, not deep, makes the mirror look hazy. I will research what is involved since it's possible. I haven't researched much on telescopes. I was just hoping to get my own proofs of what is in the skies. Thanks for y'all's time and energy. I will add pics of the tele as time permits. Blessings and to those in the USA have a safe Independence Day weekend. May God bless us all!
  6. I have no idea, kind of why I am here asking questions. I'm gracious for all inputs. I've ordered a cheshire. I'll be back after it arrives within a week. This is a Meade tele. Anyone know if the mirrors are polish-able?
  7. To make sure I am using the correct side of primary mirror, is there a method of testing? I also am curious if mirrors can be polished, that way I can use original.
  8. This device is not a laser embedded, right?
  9. Thanks for the 2 responses. What method is best in y'all's opinion: laser collimation and crosshair'd eyepiece collimation?
  10. My brother-in-law gave/loaned me an old f8 114/900 telescope that had been setting a long time. During cleaning process I scratched the primary mirror. I replaced it with an 114/850. With no lens I can see the trees on the reflector but can't see a total visible circle. Some black round thing takes up 1/3 to 2/3 of the view. I dinked around with the spider (might be wrong on terminology) attempting to get a better view. I never attempted viewing before cleaning and I've never used a telescope before. I purchased a svbony sv205 to use with it. My intent is to digitally record observations. When I look through the eye piece holder without a lens I can see things reflected off mirror. When I insert a lens I can not see anything when testing in daylight but light. I'm assuming the collimation is my issue. I am hoping to find assistance understanding these devices. The primary I removed was polished on one side. The primary I bought is polished on both sides. When looking at it, I chose to use the side that gave similar reflection as the 900 showed. I really don't know what to do here and would love some suggestions. I am grateful for any energy offered towards this. Blessings!
  11. Getting close to being 50 and am really starting to question what I know about reality. I attempted using a DSLR camera with tele lens for astro inspection but couldn't get enough detail. My brother-in-law gave/loaned me an old 114/900 telescope that had been setting a long time. During cleaning process I scratched the primary mirror. I replaced it with an 114/850. I'm here to learn how to use and adjust equipment. Blessings to all!
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