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  1. Hi all That’s what I thought it was, as it looks like it would fit around a shaft to brake & stop it moving. The think that threw me a little though the white bit with the grove is made of plastic & I would have thought a nylon which is slightly softer. It has a sale back and it’s the size of a paracetamol tablet. ive had another look and if it fits there I can’t do it as the pressure bolt you turn to stop the focuser knobs moving has what looks like a plate sprig that pushes against the shaft. It may goi their. & must rest on the small shaft at the back of the white bit. It’s too tight to see but it’s not a good deign if it does just rest in there with the little shaft. I don’t want to take it apart again as I don’t think it’s good in case dust gets in. It’s very cheap part by the look of it. forgot to say it seems to still work but I’m in the process of looking for another 80mm as I’ve put my Skymax 127 up for sale today so if the right one comes along I’ll buy it john
  2. Hi yes I will do on Monday. It really does look as though the grove fits around a shaft and it acts as a friction brake. The scope is no worse for it. Focus works & you can adjust the knots position ie before. im please I got it out thanks all I’ll let you know if I find out john
  3. Hi could it be on the end of the focusing shaft that sort of put the brake on when you slightly tighten it to stop the knots going round?
  4. Hi I took the plunge and just lightly slackened the four small hex screws and the focuser came off between that and the tube is a thin gasket which I left in place. I found the culprit as I said small and in the focuser in the gap that’s around the focus tube that goes in & out when you turn the focus knobs. I took two pics of it it looks like something that is a kind of holding button it’s got a grave in it and I’m wondering if it’s supposed Togo honto the end of that nut and slides around the lip that the focuser rotates around. It may be part of that lock button that tightens onto the lip if I could find a way of posting the pics I’m sure someone here would know. john
  5. Hi I have thought about removing the focuser unit and there are four small grub type hex screws that I assume holds it on. I must admit I am a little hesitant but I’m sure that will show the culprit. If I thought by just removing them it would come off without any other things on the inside connected to it I would try it. Reason I put it on here for suggestions as there are far more experienced people on here then I. thinking about it it could have been there when I bought it as I’ve only had it out of its case a couple of time and I handled it very gently and this is the first time I’ve heard it when I tipped it over john
  6. Hi Mamot, Yes everything works fine, and checked everything on the outside. It sounds like it’s coming from just in front of the focuser. I’ve looked through the scope nothing in there but it looks like it has a inner tube so it could be between that but defiantly where the focuser joins the scope. It sounds very small whatever it is and it’s doesn’t sound like a nut but more like a light washer. The two studs that held the bottom dovetail only go into the tube that is threaded about 4mm I’m baffled John
  7. Hi hope I’ve posted in the right place. I’ve discovered a rattling in my scope and it’s wen I tip it from one side to the other. It does not seem there all the time. it sounds as if it’s coming from either the inside of the focuser unit or low down on the scope tube where the focuser is.. it’s only I think since I removed two studs that hold the small tripod mounting bracket on the bottom of the scope to fit a longer dovetail on. The original one is too small to be held on my EQM 35 it’s only about 2.5ich long. I’ve looke indies by just removing the rear dust plug and front lens cover but there is nothing loose in there. It sounds it sounds small if that makes sense. Any ideas? john
  8. Hi Brian thanks I’ll check them out and I’ve just put a topic up about a Intel NUC I’ve been given thanks again
  9. Hi first of all I’m sorry if I’m posting in wrong section, i have sorted how to align my scope up and I have been bought a Intel NUC, with WiFi and windows 10 installed like my laptop has along with my Desktop PC. im wanting to know if there is anyway of connecting either lap top or Desk top to the NUCk. I want to control my scope through the NUC if possible. Using PHD2 & Stellarium. I do I need to buy a wireless keyboard and a HDMI monitor just to get it setup. I can’t seem to find a way to pick the NUC up via WiFi because I don’t know if it’s already enabled on the NUC it has got WiFi built in already. Hope that makes sense any help would be great fully excepted.
  10. Hi I’ve sorted it and will have the T2 adaptor tomorrow
  11. OVL Field Flattener X1 with focal ratios around f/5.5 to f6.0. hi I’ve bought a OVL Field Flattener X1 with a focal ratio around F/5 to F6.0 hopefully for my Altair starwave 70ED as I want to use my SLR fujifilm camera onto. I understand I now need a lens mount adapter. Does this have to have a stated mm width to allow for a space between camera and field Flattener ? This may sound all wrong or I may have to return it if it’s not the right one. I’m steadily attempting to work my way through unfamiliar grounds of the Astro world thanks
  12. Hi Nightspore, that looks like a nice array of eye pieces. I must admit I was more interested in the telescope. I’d like to give them a try at some point same with the camera but I would need the bits to join it to the telescope. Is an extension tube the same as a flatter? If so what size would I need? I’ve read that some fit 0.8x flatterers it that to allow to screw accessories on to the telescope and also to adjust the magnification ?
  13. Hi well here it is especially for Nightspore. I was a full time illustrator and one of my clients wanted me to do him some illustrations this was part of the deal. Not as good as some of yours but it’s a start. I’m also getting a full spectrum SLR camera thrown in, but he said it was never fitted and would need some bits to fit it. He is dropping that off Sunday when he picks the artwork up. This belonged to his son who moved to Australia just over a year ago and did not want to take it. enjoy
  14. Hi all just to let you know I finally got the Altair ED70 so I’m going to look for some main bits I’ll need for it and a cloudless night to try it. Thanks everyone especially Nightspore
  15. Hi thanks for pointing out the camera adapter and thanks to Nightspore for the recommendation 70mmED Doublet, Saves buying wrong items until I learn more hopefully. well I’ve defiantly narrowed down to two telescope the one I mentioned the Altair Starwave 70ED or The Altair Starwave 102ED. I like the build of these scopes somehow they seem to be engineered with thought. So I’m sorry to ask again but which one would you have out of them or get both? They seem better built than the Skymax I have
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