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  1. 60 x 90 sec subs, Altair 72edf Deluxe, ASI533MC main, asi120mm Guide, ASIAir guide & dithering. Full resolution

    © GreenmanOTG

  2. I have started a small astronomy group in my Village ~ Astronomy on the Green. For sometime I have been posting my images in the the Village Facebook page, this has been a popular feature. I have made a call out to a private FB group, I now have four members and I’m looking to have an inaugural meeting over the next couple of weeks.
  3. Ah, heh, not so much ‘in the Green’, but on the Green. Our cottage is alongside one of the largest village greens in England. I do need to be more careful, as I don’t want to alienate Martians. 😁 My weather forecast unfortunately mirrors yours. Bad season for UK astronomy 😢
  4. Hi all, Good to be here, been back into astronomy since 2014, and now descending into the Rabbit hole of AP. First inspiration was seeing the moon landing in ‘69, spent many happy nights with a Dixon’s Prinz 60mm refractor. Then, girls, work, marriage and kid’s interceded. Now happily retired and picking up on the threads, invigorated by the technical advances since the early ‘70’s 😉 Clear skies. Cheers, Tony.
  5. AVX mounted Altair 72edf Deluxe,1x Flatener, Antares Versascope, ASI533MC Main, ASI120MM Guide, ASIAIR PRO & Celestron SE6, Orion RACI, ASI224MC, Svbony 305, Antares 6.3 reducer.
  6. High resolution here: https://flic.kr/p/2meYDJJ

    © @GreenmanOTG

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