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  1. hello everybody i've received a new eyepiece from the seller today.. thanks for your great support.
  2. hello everybody thank you for your interest and replies! i'll try to replace this eyepiece.. : )
  3. thank for the reply. in other forum i get the answer that looks adequate - it seems that it is the lens fungus. i would do it as well, but i purchase it in another country - thus logistic problems seems to be larger then the problem itself..
  4. hello everybody, this morning i've received my st120 scope, and some equipment.. i've received lacerta 30 mm 2" ED as well. i am not sure if this eyepiece is maybe damaged, so i would like to hear your opinion. eyepiece is very pleasant to use, and it seems to me that it works well, although i've tried it during daytime - just to check it. however it is possible to see a small cracks or maybe some foggy production residues in two sides / in the very end of the ocular. please see pictures and videos here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/HR4PTQsfFjn6eK6F7 since i have very limited experience, my question would be: is this eyepiece damaged? thanks vlad
  5. hello everybody, since this morning i am owner of beautiful st120. i have not bought all the equipment yet, but i am very happy. i have star diagonal 2", 12mm Magellan, 30 mm lacerta ed, and barlow 2x i am not sure if this lacerta 30 mm is maybe damaged - thus i'll start another formum thread.. thank you very much for your help vlad
  6. hello everybody, i'll need a few weeks to complete everything i plan concerning this telescope setup. i'll not speak aloud now about the exact components - but soon you'll find out if i was a good pupil of yours. thank you! : )
  7. hello everybody, i would like to buy Skywatcher Startravel 120 AZ3 Telescope, and some additional thingies with it.. i would like to have your advice about eyepieces configurations: (note: i am aware of that mount is not perfect, and in time i plan to upgrade it) (diagonal mirror would be 2" 99% with adapter for 1.25 ep) configuration1: ep: 4mm 12mm 20mm (decent quality fov ~65) + decent barlow 2x, thus giving: 4mm+B (300x), 4mm (150x), 12mm+B (100x), 20mm+B (60x), 12mm (50x), 20mm (30x) configuration2: ep: 4mm 8mm 12mm 20mm (decent quality fov ~65) + decent barlow 2x, thus giving: 4mm (150x), 8mm (75x), 12mm (50x), 20mm (30x) both configurations in conjunction with fringe-killer 1.25 (for eyepieces, and not 2" that could be attached to diag.mirr, as far as i understand) in order to minimize CA this telescope should be used as all-around scope thanks.. : ) p.s. idea behind high zoom variants are that i could rely more on the optic, than on my eyes that are not as they used to be..
  8. hehe - thanks.. judging by your images - even just watching the scopes seems to be interesting hehe
  9. hehe - for sure, although i am not aware of the robustness of these devices and the maintenance / is there need for collimation etc..
  10. hello and thank you all once again for your time and energy. i would like to have something up to 500 eur i have idea to use it on a balcony of my house - and i have view on the hills and a factory in the front. since i am in a town, light pollution i would categorize as medium (side lights / street lights i have to deal with as well) i have no particular intention of moving the thing to better watching spots (at least i think like that for now). i've used to watch the land and the sky from the same balcony using the monocular 8x42 for a long time. i would not categorize myself as a star/sky gazer, rather somebody who would like to enjoy the place he lives by observation. vlad
  11. hello, and thank you very much for interest! yes chromatic aberration is likely to be the issue with meade due to its length.. that also crossed my mind a few days ago.. if you have other ideas, please post - although i am not sure what can i get here.. skywatcher i can get for sure
  12. hello everybody, i would like to use a telescope for observation of landscape and observation of celestial objects. i have several scopes on my mind and i would like to have your opinion - because i would like to have one telescope for all my needs (i am not so demanding user, so i think it is possible). i was thinking about these two refractors: 1) BRESSER Taurus 90/900 NG https://www.bresser.de/en/Astronomy/Telescopes/BRESSER-Taurus-90-900-NG-Refractor-with-Smartphone-Camera-Adapter.html i like this scope, because it is all-in-one package, the only downside i found is that objective is 9 cm. 2) Meade Infinity 102mm AZ Refractor https://www.meade.com/infinitytm-102mm-refracting-telescope.html this one i found interesting because of it's objective lens (10cm), and its length - allowing me larger field of view for landscape observations i was thinking about this reflector as well: 3) BRESSER Telescope Spica 130/650 EQ3 https://www.bresser.de/en/Astronomy/Telescopes/BRESSER-Telescope-Spica-130-650-EQ3-parabolic-Reflector-with-Smartphone-Camera-Adapter.html i am aware that this one is on eq mount, and that it's not for landscape observations - but i could buy eyepiece that will modify the image for landscape use, and this eq mount could be very useful for gazing into the sky. for this one i would by collimator, and this eyepiece, and i would have the complete amateur package, and for any of the refractors i could by maybe some better 6mm eyepiece, and solar / moon filter. thanks for your time and interest, any suggestion is welcome : ) vlad
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