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  1. this was a unexpected treat this evening! was not expecting to see the transit of Ganymede this evening...I went outside to just snap off a few photos of Jupiter!
  2. Thank you so much! I ran the AVI thru PIPP and then stacked it in Autostakkert.
  3. Took these two pictures last night as my parents where at my house and they wanted to see the telescope, so had them sit in on a couple photos. I was lucky yesterday as it had been cloudy most of the day and then when evening came, the clouds broke, opening up the area of the sky where Jupiter and Saturn were at. Used the Televue TV85 last night for these photos... 🙂
  4. yeah thats pretty quick, I just think that it's really fascinating, you know what other object can we see that moves as quickly as that....
  5. I find it really interesting that as I am doing image capturing of Jupiter, as I complete each series of shots, the GRS moves....I just find that so interesting! First picture series for LRGB filters was taken between 2027-2038hrs (827pm - 838pm) 9/24/21 and the Second picture series of LRGB filters was taken between 2057-2108hrs (857pm-908pm) 9/24/21.
  6. Hi There! Just wanted to say Hello to everyone....I am over near Pittsburgh, I have been into Astronomy since 2001 when I was stationed over in Turkey and bought my first telescope, and due to moving around a-lot, I really didn't get into AP or astronomy to much as I never really was able to set up, I just collected and collected more gear till I retired from the Air Force and eventually moved near Pittsburgh. I finally set up my telescope, I use a Celestron CGE1100 with a Televue TV85 piggybacked on that, mounted on a iOptron CEM70 in a Skyshed POD. I have really gotten into AP over the last year and I go out and open up the POD when I can and take pictures of the Moon, Sun, Jupiter and Saturn, currently and looking to dabble in DSO. attached to the Televue is a ASi178MM with 5-filter EFW, and attached to the CGE1100 is a ASi1600MM Pro with 8-Filter EFW. anyway excited to be here and part of this group! Thanks
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