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  1. That was a typo, sorry...flats are being taken at 1/15 with a very dim tablet and a diffuser. Sorry, just frustrated. If i go into an individual light frame and stretch it, it looks the same as the previous session's light frame with no stretching. Just not sure how the two sessions with exactly the same settings produce vastly different results.
  2. The darker one is a single sub from last night, the lighter is from previous.
  3. So, still completely flustered. A few nights after the last post, I got set up and managed to get 4 subs before clouds rolled in (because, Florida). I was shooting the Western Veil, and ended up shooting darks and flats waiting out the clouds. 30x 3min darks and 30x 3min flats (correction...30x 1/15" flats!) but the clouds never let up. Just for fun, I stacked and stretched the 4 usable subs and all of the calibration frames in DSS and surprisingly got a useable image that led me to believe I was heading in the right direction. Fast forward a few weeks, I set up again last night. Exact same settings in APT (I just ran the same program that I started previously. Exactly the same setup (my telescope does not get disassembled), everything exactly the same but the temperature outside (it was 20 degrees f cooler). 60 lights (watching in the preview page of APT, I could make out the nebulosity and see plenty of stars), 30 darks, 30 flats. Deep Sky Stacker could not see one single star. Not one. I'm a really bad golfer and yet that is more enjoyable than this right now. I'm about to end up with a very expensive guide camera or a for sale 183c. Is there anyone from Altair that posts here that could give me a nudge in the right direction? I have emailed them and not gotten a response. I can't even get decent images in the Altair Capture software. The pic is a total of 12 minutes of lights, 90 of darks and flats. I was happy that I finally had it all figured out. Literally nothing was different last night.
  4. Ugh. Got set up and aligned on my small rig (Samyang 135, Canon 80D, Star Adventurer 2i) and set up on Andromeda, turned around to start aligning my 72EDR and clouds just appeared out of Florida air. Weather idiots said all good until early morning. Meh...Florida strikes again. We have a cold front coming tomorrow, though, with clear skies promised. Also have a launch at Kennedy tomorrow, so I'll have to set up for that as well!
  5. I was using on camera guiding as well, but I think mine was a combination of bad st-4 cable and corrupted dark library. I thought it may have been a hot pixel as suggested, but the star it was trying to guide on DID move when I slewed the mount a bit. Glad I got it figured out. Just ordered a new guide cam and scope for the 72EDR, though. I'm moving the 30mm and 120 to my tracker along with my Samyang 135 and stepping up to a 50mm scope and 174 camera. Here we go again!🤪
  6. Thanks for the replies! I'm hoping to get one of those long exposure arc shots, I can see the rockets in flight for almost 6 minutes from ground to east over the Atlantic, so I'm hoping it will be decent. I have a few friends who work at the Cape, so some day I hope to get a "car pass" as well and get a whole bunch closer.
  7. So I went back and re stacked with 5% and got on average 24 stars to stack...definite step in the right direction. Threshold percentage not exactly intuitive there for sure. So the resulting image was very dark...WAY darker than the preview image in APT and a stretch gives me smudges at best. I'm guessing my gain is still off at 400. If unity gain for the 183 sensor is 111, is that a lower gain setting than the 400? Is this one of those instances where the gain setting for a brighter image is non-intuitively numerically LOWER? This is confusing for me and I'm sorry for being so dense. My biggest problem is that I have always been a visual learner...monkey see monkey do. If someone sits down and shows me how it's done and smacks me upside the head when I get it wrong, I never forget it. My job involves some of the most technical, advanced welding processes there are, and those processes are ingrained into me through repetition and master/apprentice learning. This is sooooo different for me. There is no book, set of instructions, beginner's guide, etc. There is nobody looking over my shoulder and there is no instantly seeing the results of my labor. I'm not used to learning like this and it can be very frustrating.
  8. Update: Everything the same last light, just changed exposure length to 180 seconds. Exactly the same result. Going to try changing the gain and offset tonight. Stay tuned...someone might be picking up a 183c Pro cheap.
  9. I live 80 miles south of NASA in Florida, and the view of the launches from my front yard is usually pretty good, so we tend to watch them when we can. This morning at 5:35, the Lucy mission launched, and the Falcon rockets are usually a bunch of fun to watch. For something different, I had my Canon 80D on a tripod with a Nifty Fifty on it ready to go in bulb mode with a 4 minute timer set. I stripped my Apertura 72EDR down and threw a Canon 750D on to get some video. Everything was set, my wife was watching the "live stream" and told me they were getting ready to go...they had pulled the stream view back from a closeup on the pad to a view from about 1/2 a mile out. As she says 30 seconds to go, I catch an orange glow out the corner of my eye, the rocket was about 50 miles out into the Atlantic pulling away at 15k mph. The video feed had about a 2 1/2 minute delay. Totally missed it.😔
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