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  1. Thank you for the interesting and helpful replies and the very useful links too. I have my eye on buying the ZWO ASI224MC camera rather than using my Sony A700 DSLR and when I put the ZWO into the FOV calculator with Mars selected as the target and my SkyWatcher 130P it gives me a FOV of 0.43 x 0.32 degrees and a resolution of 1.19" x 1.19"/pixel very different from my Sony A700 which gives a FOV of 3.14 x 2.1 degrees and a resolution of 2.67" x 2.67"/pixel. So do you think the ZWO camera would be a good buy for planetary work? .
  2. Here are some real 'getting started' questions which I'm confused about.......... and I hope I'm in the right forum! What is the significance of the focal length of a telescope without an eyepiece? Is a telescope with a focal length of, say. 650mm equivalent to a camera telephoto lens of 650mm? What is the relationship between the focal length of the telescope and the size of the image captured by a prime focus eyepiece camera and is that a fixed relationship? Thanks......
  3. Thanks very much four advice and help. Much appreciated.
  4. Thanks for your interesting and helpful reply AstronomyUkrain. So the best way to move the focus point back to the 'film plane' of the DSLR is to use an eyepiece adapter which incorporates a regular eyepiece so that magnification is within normal limits? I do realize that the Bresser Mikrokular is a cheap option but some of the You Tube videos of its use in reflector telescopes look quite reasonable, as you say, and I thought that might be a good place to start. Thanks again for your help.
  5. Thanks for your reply which I'm afraid I don't understand. I thought I was in the right forum: 'Astro Imaging for Beginners' and the caption at the top encouraged me to post: 'Ask your questions here. No question too silly'. I think I may be in the wrong place altogether.
  6. I'm coming back to astronomy after a 50 year absence and it was nice to get a warm welcome in the 'Introduce Yourself' forum. I've bought back into the hobby with a Sky Watcher 130p and the AZ GTi Wi Fi mount. But so much has changed in astrophotograhy since I was last here that researching the right kit to buy is like navigating a minefield! I have researched that I can attach my DSLR camera to the Sky Watcher with eyepiece projection and I can operate the shutter from the SynScan app via a remote cable from the mount's SNAP port. I've got a remote shutter cable with the camera but it's a bit short, see picture, and I might have to source a longer one to accommodate the eyepiece projector . I've tried this setup and it works fine so I'll definitely be using it when I've bought the eyepiece projection kit to achieve focus. I've also been looking at eyepiece cameras and discovered that that's another minefield! So two questions if I may: As a novice, would you advise something like a simple 2x Barlow lens for eyepiece projection for my DSLR or an eyepiece projector which accepts an eyepiece? As for eyepiece cameras, the most popular and widely advertised seems to be the Bresser Mirokular Full HD for around £60. Would this be a sensible buy, again for a novice? Hope I'm in the right forum for this and thanks for your patience with some pretty basic questions.
  7. Thanks for a nice warm welcome to the forum. I look forward to getting back to the night sky after a very long time away from it. I live in a fishing village where light pollution is thankfully very light so I can't wait to get out there when the weather clears to see how my Skywatcher 130P performs. Best wishes everyone and clear skies!
  8. Thanks Martin, of all the forums I looked at I decided on this one for all the reasons you've highlighted. I don't know about your night sky up in Cumbria, but down here in Cornwall it's been 10/10 cloud cover for days!
  9. I started looking at the night sky over 50 years ago with a little 3" refractor but work and constant moving around the world with the RAF kind of got in the way and the telescope fell by the wayside. My enthusiasm for the night sky never diminished though. I never missed an episode of BBC TV's The Sky At Night, and more recently, in the last 10 years or so, I've followed Brian Cox's many excellent programmes on space and the solar system. Walking past a local camera and telescope shop the other day I saw a Sky Watcher Newtonian reflector in the window and was pleasantly surprised at its price. So when I got home I started to do some Internet searching to see what was available these days in the way of astronomical telescopes. My word how things have changes since my 3" refractor! My research boiled down to a couple of 'scopes for a 'born again' like me from either Celestron or Sky Watcher. I eventually bought back into the hobby with a Sky Watcher Explorer 130mm Newtonian reflector with the AZ GTi Wi Fi mount. I originally downloaded the SynScan app from Google Play Store but it wouldn't run on either my Android 11 phone or my tablet. So I downloaded it directly from the Sky Watcher web site instead and it ran OK, so I guess the Google Play Store one is out of date. I have hundreds of questions right off the bat, so I'm looking forward now to joining my local astronomy society to watch, listen and learn about all the kit and technology which has changed in the last 50 years and to get back into looking at the night sky again and hopefully learning how to attach my Sony A700 DSLR to the Sky Watcher to do some imaging. It's good to be back!
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