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  1. I know you guys told me to wait, but just seen this for £40, would you still say hang on a bit. Many thanks in advance: Baader 10mm Classic Ortho Eyepiece 1.25mm
  2. Is this any good for my scope. It gets excellent reviews? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/finders/telrad-finder-astronomy.html#faq
  3. It seem the one on your link has a different mount to the one you pictured (which is the mount I would need)? 🙂
  4. Just a quick newbie question. Can does the mount for the eyepiece have to point straight up or can I view with it angled to one side?
  5. I should have mentioned I have the scope and it's rather nice, it took a little time to line the Red Dot Finder with the scope but got there in the end. I have dowloaded the Celestron App and can't wait to get out and give it a go.......only thing is weather forecast for the near future is pretty horrendous for the NE of England.😢
  6. There are couple of EP's available for £30 each. Are these any good for my scope bearing in mind I would have to choose one or the other? BST Starguider 15mm ED Eyepiece or BST Starguider 18mm ED Eyepiece
  7. Thanks Martin it is mate. The company who I purchased from are none to happy either, they normally use Parcelforce but due to delivery problems late last week went with FedEx, I don't think they will be using them again.
  8. Unfortunately having problems with FedEx, scope should have been here last Friday on overnight, then told today.......looked at tracking and it said Delayed so as I am a carer for my Mother visited her for half an hour this morning..they in the mean time tried to deliver, even though still showing delayed. I have a Ring door (just press and I can give instructions)bell which was ignored and my neighbour was working in his garden which was also ignored. Then told they would redeliver later on today......they haven't and returned it to their Depot........nightmare.😡
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