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NGC-5174 and NGC-5175


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Ok it's another Whirlpool Galaxy shot.

Taken over a period of a couple of weeks at the beginning of April, I managed to get an integration of:

Lum 58 x 180s

Red 61 x 180s

Green 60 x 180s

Blue 59 x 180s

Total time 11.9 hours


Main reason for it taking a couple of weeks is that auto focus was playing silly beggars and Ekos kept quitting when left to run after I went to bed. Ended up ditching well over a hundred subs 😱


Looking close in I was surprised ant the number of tiny galaxies scattered around.



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23 hours ago, Dmack1 said:

Thats a lovely image, nice subtle colours and great detail. You have really managed to bring out the faint "tails". Any tips on how to achieve that?

Thanks mate, lots of exposure time and do not clip the black point. Making the background too dark loses the faint dust.

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