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M3 in LRGB


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Having cracked my auto-focusing issues I thought to try an object not too impacted by the moon. I'm rather please with the little galaxy to the left (its always the little things 🙂).

This was 3.5 hrs of data so I may get some fainter detail when my processing improves.

This was the first night I have used NiNA, with fully automated focusing and meridian flip. The scope also auto-parked and the camera shut down at the end of the session. This software is so good, I was more than happy to make a contribution to encourage its further development.

The image is one of the most detailed I have achieved, mostly down to the sub-arcsecond auto-guiding but the new coma corrector added some needed sharpening of the stars which is quite important when pixel peeping the core of a globular cluster.

(click for the detail)
Imaging details:
3.5hrs (30m L, 60 each RGB) total.
ASI1600mm Pro, ZWO filter set, Lacerta CC, Bresser 150/750 on a CEM70G.
Captured with NiNA, Processed with Pixinsight.

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