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EOS Clip Filter compatibility


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Wasn’t sure where to put this one really as it covers a couple of questions relating to a number of different objects. 

Does anyone know if Optolong EOS Clip Filters can be used in an Astronomik EOS Clip Filter to M48 Adapter?


if so, can this also be used in a ZWO Canon EOS Filter Draw?


If so, this would save me having to acquire a new 2” l-pro or l-eNhance filter for using with both the Redcat and the ASI294MC Pro. 

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I have that filter and an Astronomik CLS EOS clip-in but not your filter adapter. Subjectively between them I would say the Astronomik fits more precisely in the camera (a better snap). Both have a spring feature to make a snug fit in the camera (The Optolong hides it under a label).


So as the adapter has a round hole it will probably take either filter equally well.


If you do go the 2" filter root I may have the same pair up for sale soon😉





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