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Hello from York


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Hello, my name is Nigel


I'm located 10 miles north of York in a Bortle 4, so lucky to have quite darkish skys in the backgarden and both the NY moors and NY dales are 60-90 mins away.


I started Astrophotography in 2017 with a shot of Orion in my backgarden and I was hooked.


I do have a small youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAknWfcM4gObFqDtfjuOTUg

One of my latest videos is actually the competion entry for April

Looks a great community.. looking forward to spending some time here.


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Welcome to the backyard from another new member - although I'm known to some and yet to do my intro.

Especially welcome as your in the same neck of the woods to me.

I've been struggling in some ways and would be great to get an idea of how you find the skies up here?

I'm just under the moors...

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