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Grouping AR2818, AR2820 & AR2821 & Discs | April 27th 2021


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Well, it's been a hot minute for me, between horrible weather as summer comes in with storms and just a messy work schedule. Seeing has been horrible lately. I've done more visual than imaging the past 30+ days and today's the first day I've solar imaged in over 30 days due to weather here in Florida. Imagine that right? Sunny Florida. Pffft. Seeing was bad today, but it's the first clear evening I've had. I've had zero clear mornings when I was off, so today was a late attempt as seeing at least gets slightly better for me in my late evening before sunset, so today was around 18:30pm Eastern time for these captures. I was thinking I would totally miss imaging the great grouping of AR2818, AR2820 & AR2821 together, but at least got some data on them finally. Seeing was ranging from 1.2 arc-seconds to 4+ arc-seconds in waves, it was bad.





























120mm F10 Refractor with internal sub-aperture D-ERF (2" Baader Red CCD-IR Block Filter)

+ PST etalon -> two 1.7A Blocking filters stacked -> ASI290MM camera (HA moderate resolution)

+ Two 1.7A Blocking filters stacked -> ASI290MM camera (Loose HA Photosphere showing the filament and other chromosphere features over the photosphere under it)


60mm F16.7 Refractor

+ Lunt CaK B1200 Module -> IMX253 camera (CaK Disc)

+ Baader Red CCD IR Block Filter + Baader ND 3.0 Filter -> IMX253 camera (Photosphere Disc)




Very best,



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