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FLO Astro Essentials 2” Adapter replacement for Skywatcher drawtube.


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i wasn’t sure where to put this post, but I feel this section is as good as the other alternatives. It’s my first attempt to attach a couple of photos so I hope it works!


I have only been involved with this interest for a few short months, but I thought the following information may be of interest to other people new to the game who experience the same issue as I did and the solution I found.


I am the proud owner of a Skywatcher ST 120 which, for the time being, does everything I want. However, soon after acquiring it I became a little disappointed with the way in which the diagonal attached to the drawtube using a basic thumbscrew. This applied to the 2” adapter (attached directly to the drawtube) and the 2” to 1.25” adapter.  

A quick search on the Net revealed a direct replacement from Baader using their “Click-Lock” attachment method. This seemed ideal, but reviews revealed it to be a little more bulky than the original and therefore using up a little of the focus movement. I set my scope up using the diagonal and eyepieces I thought would use up the most light path to see how much focus was left. The result showed that I only had a few mm left. For this reason I decided against the Baader Click-Lock feeling it would be a close call to achieving focus in certain situations.

i then came across the Astro Essentials 2” compression ring M56 threaded replacement supplied by FLO. It was advertised as a direct replacement and being slightly lower profile than the original. It was also only slightly over half the price of the Baader Click-Lock.

i purchased it without hesitation. The swap was easy. And it does indeed give a couple more mm inward focus travel.

i was then fortunate enough to find a Baader 2” to 1.25” compression ring adapter on eBay for a good price.

hopefully the attached pics show the result. I now feel that anything attached to the focuser is held in a safe secure manner and that there Will be sufficient ‘in focus’ to cope with any combination of my existing diagonal/eyepieces etc.



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Incidentally, the Baader adapters have a T-thread under that circular plate on the top of the adapter.




This allows an extension ring to be threaded on if needed.




Or a helical focuser threaded into it. Like on my single speed GSO Crayford focuser on my 150mm Newtonian.

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Interesting to hear the comments from others who have used the same kit to improve the standard focus drawtube.

i completely agree with the positive comments on the Baader 2” to 1.25” adapter: I am not sure what the compression ring is made of (it’s not brass coloured) but it holds 1.25 fittings soo securely and without marking them.

i consider the money spent on this mod as well spent: the value of diagonals and eyepieces can be eye watering, so spending a little more to keep them secure is very worthwhile imo.

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I bought a Baader Click lock, I didn't find it took up any noticeable focusing space.  It definitely helped with the tilt problem I had.  Also I feel the camera and EFW is safer with that than screwed on with only 2 small bolts.  



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