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   Not so massive. This Samyang 135mm took me a bit of time and some filing, bracket making, and head scratching. We have had nothing but clouds, but I have been able to get the imaging camera and off access guiding (OAG) camera to focus on some trees across the lake (about one mile). It has a Feather Touch focus motor, Orion TOAG, and a TS filter drawer. The vixen shoe is for a guide scope, in case I couldn't get the off access guide camera to focus, which it did with some modifying  . The whole kit weighs 2.2KG (a bit less than 5 pounds). I suspect that I will be using the Carole System of cable management.

   I've been locked up for a year, this is how we keep our sanity, I think that I am going to get a William Optics Red Cat and see how much damage I can do to that. 🙂


Isn't this fun


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Very cool Richard. I bought the same lens a while back and ordered a 3D printed bracket from France last year. I ordered the first week of lockdown here but it took 4 months to ship. I'm currently awaiting an iOptron CEM26 Goto EQ Mount. No idea when it will land. 👍

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That looks tidy Richard, I have got all the kit to automate my Samyang 135 and 14mm just need some time to get the backfocus right and put it all together.


I went down the rout of a Hitec V2 focuser as that works with Ascom, SW Motor drive, I have the belts etc, sitting on my desk for the best part of 6 months

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John, this is what made it possible to get focus with the OAG and filter drawer system.




An adapter that replaced the Canon bayonet on the back of the Samyang with a 48mm thread. I did have to file away about half the thread to shorten the length (lots of thread left). The adapter did take a few months to get all the way from the UK. 🙂

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John, I too succumbed to the lure of his lens, which has opened up a whole new class of deep sky objects. I have been delighted with the results, and the sharpness of the stars right to the edges of the field.


I machined the mounting brackets and threaded adapter from aluminium alloy, and 3D printed the fine focus mechanism.  I also 3D printed a Bahtinov mask, which makes focussing really quick.  As its rather sensitive some form of fine adjustment seems essential.  I have found that the focus almost never drifts over periods of months.


Machining the lens to camera adapter at least meant I could get the spacing exact. Of course, I had to buy a set of thread insert tools to cut an accurate thread, so it wasn't a cheap alternative. I just couldn't hand grind a thread tool to make an accurate thread this fine.


It appears from your photo as though you have a 3D printer. If you or anyone else would like the mask .stl file let me know.  It is designed to fit over the lens hood.





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I've been locked up for a year, this is how we keep our sanity,

Samyang 135mm Lens saved my life last year too.  



 I suspect that I will be using the Carole System of cable management.




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