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Question re benefits of quality eyepieces.

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Being a relative novice at Astronomy I have a question for those of you with more experience of a variety of eyepieces:


Over the past couple of months, I have been gradually trying to improve on the eyepieces that came with the scope. I am trying to increase the variety and improve upon the quality.

Obviously I want to ensure that I get good value for what I spend.

Therefore I am trying to find out if there will be a realistic limit on the improvement I will notice due to the scope I have.

ie Will I be likely to notice any difference between a £50 eyepiece and a £150 eyepiece?


I have been experimenting with a few eyepieces from the used market, but I have so far restricted myself as to how much I spend as i am unsure as to how much my scope will benefit. Amongst those I have tried so far I have seen a noticeable difference with the BST starguiders compared to those supplied with the scope, but if I were to spend twice the cost of a starguider on an eyepiece would I be likely to notice any further improvement or not?


thanks in advance



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Many, many years ago I used an Edmund Scientific Astroscan. My son bought it when he was 12 yrs old (he's now 57). Through the years I would read about the wonderful eyepieces made by Tele Vue in the Astronomy Magazine. Their prices where very high. I eventually got a new telescope with a few eyepieces. Years later when I retired, I found the astronomy classified. These Tele View eyepieces are now old, and newer, greater are on the market. I could now afford the Tele Vue, so I bought a used Tele Vue 40mm wide angle. It was affordable and everything it was claimed to be. I bought a few sizes to have a variety. I don't know how the market is now, but ten years ago good used eyepieces where available. My advice is to look for a few good used eyepieces and be patient.  

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I think TV prices compare well with Takahashi, Pentax or similar. TV's are mostly made in Japan or the ROC, the actual manufacturers are unknown. Although I think Ohi and GSO might be candidates. 




I have to admit I'm a bit of a TV fanboy as I find the aesthetics, ergonomics and performance are worth the price. The 19mm Pan is one of my most used eyepieces.




I have to admit though that I can get as much fun out of less expensive eyepieces, like these GSO SuperViews below.




As long as the eyepiece is compatible with the focal ratio of the scope you shouldn't see many aberrations.




These 30 quid TMB clones above are very good, especially on-axis.




The 3mm DeLite above is a beautifully made eyepiece that is very enjoyable to use. I used all three of the above EP's on Mars last year on with my 102mm Altair Starwave ED doublet. The TS Optics (BST) flanking it were a third of the price. I couldn't see much difference in performance with the DeLite.


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I'm very new to this forum but I have been an amateur observer for many years.


It has taken me a long time but I have now developed an eyepiece set, mostly bought used, of Tele Vue and Pentax designs.


I have tried many other types but have always seemed to come back to the Tele Vue and Pentax brands.


They are expensive (even used) but once acquired will serve a lifetime and will do well in a great variety of scopes.



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