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Just a bit of fun....Green counterweights?


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Thought I would post this just as a bit of fun and to canvas the thoughts of all you stylish people out there🙂


I had a counterweight that was a bit scratched and battered and as the weather was rubbish I thought I would repaint it to tidy it up. A quick look in the garage revealed some left over primer and a part used spray can of a bright green paint. So that’s what I did.....painted it green.

So now I have to decide weather to paint my other weight green to match or weather I leave it white?


your thoughts please..........Green or white?





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I thought for a while in painting my CGX counterweights to match the Celestron orange color but two things stopped me from proceeding.

1. The first challenge was finding a matching orange without having the actual color from Celestron.

2. After about 3 months of use and seeing how dinged up and scratched my original black colored weights were getting, I realized just how bad those scratches and dings were going to show up on a bright orange surface, so I changed my mind.


It looks great now though so take all your beauty shots now before they are used a few times.

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