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NGC 4501 Coma Berenices

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1 hour ago, peter shah said:

NGC 4501 or M88 in Coma Berenices Imaged remotely from Spain with the RCOS 12.5 RC FLI 16803 and cropped in. Exposure times were 5hrs each in RGB and 4and a half in Luminance. Processed in Photoshop and Pixinsight.

Thanks for looking
Peter Shah




Very nice image Peter. Great colours too.

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11 hours ago, geoflewis said:

Superb image Peter, it's like a catherine wheel in the sky 👍


10 hours ago, Bob-c said:

A lovely image Peter showing loads of detail.




4 hours ago, Thymelord said:

Superb image Peter.well done.😊


1 hour ago, Craig a said:

Fabulous Peter a real eye catcher 

Thank you for the comments....even with is being quite small in the frame I'm still really pleased with the way this one turned out.

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3 hours ago, P Holdsworth said:

Superb image Peter. fabulous colours and detail👍

Thank you


1 hour ago, MarkAR said:

Nice one Peter, it's such a tidy looking galaxy that it almost seems unreal. 

Funny... I thought that when I was watching the subs come down..... It seemed to have a really neat almost rolled edge.

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