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Mineral Moon - 22/05/21

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1 hour ago, Marmot said:

You did well to get that as there were a fair few clouds about. (At least where I am). Nice shot🙂

Thank you! It cleared over lovely for a while last night in the South of the UK 🙂

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Very nice Vicki, looks like a slight "Mineral Moon", might be worth stretching the colours a bit.




PS:  Sorry, I just realised you have posted this up as a Mineral Moon.  

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14 hours ago, Nightspore said:

Nice picture. Good view of the 'Moon Maiden'. I saw the Moon with my 60EDF last night, then turned to double stars. I got two whole hours before ... clouds lol.

Ooh, you were lucky then!

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I tried a couple of "Mineral Moon" shots earlier this year.  The method I used is detailed at https://www.star-gazing.co.uk/WebPage/guides/mineral-moon/ .


I used a 150mm Ritchey-Chretien telescope, a ZWO ASI1600MM monochrome camera and I took several images in Red, Green and Blue for the full Moon shot, and InfraRed, Red and Green (mapped to Red, Green and Blue, respectively) for the 9-day old Moon.


The biggest issue I have with doing Mineral Moon shots is that I am colour-blind, in my case I am severely insensitive to Red ( and my green receptors aren't exactly models of perfection, either).  


So what I'd like to do is to get an idea of the respective transmission percentage of each of my filters.  I can do this with my modified DSLR by taking a picture of an 18% grey card.


I suppose I could take images of a G5 star, making sure that they are all of the same exposure and none are saturated. Should I then take images of, say, Betelgeuse in Red and InfraRed to get the relative transmission of the IR filter?


Then, as long as my exposures through the filters are the same, I can adjust the brightness of them when to produce a true colour image before I "mineralise" it.


Does this seem reasonable?


Thanks for your thoughts and comments,



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