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M8 & M20 Seperate Images

Greg M

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This first image of M8 The Lagoon Nebula is an Ha only shot from my Bortle 8 backyard.

Explore Scientific ED127mm APO,
ZWO 1600mm camera, Baader Filters, CGX Mount, Captured using NINA, Processed with Astro Pixel Processor.
30x 60second exposures Ha filter only.
Colorized in Photoshop




This shot of M20 the Trifid Nebula was shot from a Bortle 4 location about 45 minutes south of my home.

Explore Scientific ED127mm scope, ZWO ASI1600mm cooled camera, Baader LRGB Filters
60x 1minute Luminance
30x 1minute ea RGB
Total Integration time: 2hrs30min.
Processed with Astro Pixel Processor, tweaked in PhotoshopCC




As I transition into the summer imaging season I've switched out my rig to my smaller StellarVue SV70T so with the focal reducer at 336mm fl I should be able to image both of these beauties in the same frame. At least that's the plan.



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I know this doesn't compete with Peter's image of M20 but I'm happy with it considering my entire imaging setup probably cost less than his filter set. Plus, I don't have his processing skills either. 😃😃

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Yep, both beautiful - must agree with Peter.  I love these nebulae.  Must finish refurbishing my MN190 scope for when we cane see them again.  Post solstice!!

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