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M13 Great Star Cluster Hercules, LRGB

Padraic M

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First light both for a new setup using a C8 SCT and an OAG, and first time imaging a globular cluster. Clear skies in B2, but with a lot of moisture in the air.


10x 150s each of B,G,R + superluminance. 1hr 15min total.

Celestron C8 with 0.63x FF/FR on a HEQ5 Pro - 1350mm FL. Celestron SCT focus motor with NINA autofocus for each filter.
Imaging: ASI160MM Pro @ 20c. Baader RGB filters.
Guiding: OVL OAG, ASI290MM Mini.
Software: NINA, PHD2, SharpCap PA. AstroPixelProcessor, Gimp.
30x darks, flats, dark flats.

I need to take new flats of the green channel as I haven't calibrated out that great big donut. Also, stars are a bit clunky, and the shapes in the corners are a bit beany. Is this what can be expected from a C8 with FF, or do I need to collimate?


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