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Triple NB imaging rig with remote camera rotation using a turret system.

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Shortly I will have a third cooled astro camera and planning a triple imaging rig.  Each camera will be fitted with a NB filter, Ha, OIII and SII.  These are Astrodon 3nm NB filters.  The rig is designed for widefield and uses vintage SLR film camera lenses.  I have a range of these from 28mm to 200mm in sets of 3.


This shows an earlier design with Atik 146EX cameras.  The new version will use a ZWO ASI 294MM-PRO and 2 ASI 1600MM-Cool cameras.


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The cameras all have a 4/3" size sensor and the 18mm FL lenses give a field of view of 36.2° x 27.4° while the 200mm FL covers 5.1° x 3.8°.  The lenses are :-

  • 28mm f3.5
  • 55mm f1.8
  • 105mm f2.8
  • 135mm f2.5
  • 200mm f4

The longer focal length will need guiding and this will be provided by a Skywatcher 9x50 finder and ASI 120mm Mini camera.  This guide system will be fitted inside a 60mm diameter aluminium tube forms the the main axle of the turret.


Since the guider wants to stay in a fixed orientation compared with the RS and Dec axes, the tube will not rotate itself.  Instead the turret will rotate on the tube.  Not yet sure about the bearings but maybe plain bearings would suffice.  The turret won't be rotated much or often.  I envisage using worm drive on the rim of the turret to rotate it.

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