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Sun in Ha and CaK - 4 June 2021


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Cak done with the Altair Astro 60 EDF stopped down to 40mm and the  Lunt CaK B600.  DMK31 camera.
Ha is a 7 pane mosaic done with the double stacked Coronada PST and Altair GPcamV2 mono.
Seeing was not great, especially for the CaK.




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Thanks Carole! I have needed to find a particular workflow for the PST HA shots as all my cameras give me newton's rings (sometimes with the exception of the DMK 31 but I find the resolution is less than optimal with that cam).  The rings are actually the worst on the Altair cam and yet also the easiest to remove with the Photoshop FFT plugin.  In addition I need to use a flat frame to counteract the uneven illumination given by the PST.  The CaK is much easier! 😆

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