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Clamshell Nebula Sh2-119


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Nice shot! Although I am purely an observer, I do enjoy looking at all the pics posted on this forum as it gives me a chance to appreciate the things I can’t see visually. 

Thanks for posting the image.

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I also did an SHO version but had to use Photoshop's tool = equalize to extract the faint data in Oiii and Sii.  I am still not quite sure if this is too gawdy or overprocessed.  Been looking at it for too long.


Ha 13 x 900
Oiii 4 x 450binned
Sii 2 x 450 binned
I know I should have got more Oiii and Sii, but was so disappointed with so little data showing I gave up and went for HaRGB instead.




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I also prefer the second version. the colours in the image are not often found in AP. I think it is the yellow and orange (could be my laptop). I like the soft texture of the image. The picture is very relaxing. 

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Lovely.  If you want really a critical opinion though, I think you have lost some resolution in the second version.  May be due to binning the OIII and SII.  I agree with Mark, that with the poor conditions you had to sacrifice resolution to bring out the colour.  All the same, it's a lovely image.  👍👍

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