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Haven't done any imaging for a couple of months as not set up for small galaxies. and can't do narrowband from home (Bortle 8).
Also, I seem to have done all the popular nebulae that I can do from home, so am now doing the less well known, but fainter targets.  This is the Clamshell Nebula (to the left of the North America nebula). 

I did take some Oiii and Sii but could not find any signal at all in Oiii and Sii was only faint, so didn't show up when combining with Ha, so I processed as HaRGB. 

Samyang lens and Atik460EX on HEQ5
Ha 13 x 900 (3h 15m
RGB 11 x 125secs binned x 2 @ 23mins each
Total imaging time 3hours 24mins




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Nice shot! Although I am purely an observer, I do enjoy looking at all the pics posted on this forum as it gives me a chance to appreciate the things I can’t see visually. 

Thanks for posting the image.

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I also did an SHO version but had to use Photoshop's tool = equalize to extract the faint data in Oiii and Sii.  I am still not quite sure if this is too gawdy or overprocessed.  Been looking at it for too long.


Ha 13 x 900
Oiii 4 x 450binned
Sii 2 x 450 binned
I know I should have got more Oiii and Sii, but was so disappointed with so little data showing I gave up and went for HaRGB instead.




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