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Partial solar eclipse 10/06/2021


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Hi all,


tomorrow there would be a partial solar eclipse visible even here in U.K.


I thought would be nice to share the info with others .


I am sure who has a solar scope is already sets outside enjoying the show .


here some additional info :




Please do not try to observing the sun with naked eye or sun glasses !


stay safe all and enjoy

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  • gabs changed the title to Partial solar eclipse 10/06/2021

Thanks for the reminder Gabs. I'm hoping for a clear sky although the forecast is for cloud late tomorrow morning. I took this image of the last decent partial we had a few years ago. If you look carefully you can just see a sunspot!

6552 Sunspot 20.3.15.JPG

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1 hour ago, Sonyme said:

Gabs you'll just have to take my word for it about the sunspot. Its's definitely there on the zoomed image!

I like it ! I hope to get a similar result!

thanks for sharing it! 

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10 hours ago, Sonyme said:

Just to prove I'm not faking it, here's a zoom shot of my image taken back in March 2015. The sunspot reference was AR2303.

6552 Sunspot 20.3.15 (2).JPG

that is amazing!! Very nice image!

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