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Veil Nebula Complex using Redcat

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Captured this from my balcony over three hours last night. Did a quick process this evening but need to spend more time and care tbh.

87 x 120s subs plus darks, flats and dark flats

WO Redcat 51 with Optolong L-Pro filter

ASI924mc pro

Skywatcher Staradventurer tracker

Processed in Astro Pixel Processor, Starnet++ and Photoshop CC




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54 minutes ago, mightymonoped said:

Had another go at processing, this time without taking the stars out, hopefully retaining better star colour and more detail in the Veil? I think less is more for the whispy Veil nebulosity?

I have used Starnet++ on the veil, and found it removes stars, but also some of the fine wispy details.

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3 hours ago, Marmot said:

I know you posted these pics hoping for comments on the Nebula image, but I haven’t yet stopped looking at the pic of your scope. Anything that looks that good should perform brilliantly!😃

Haha! It’s evolving into a flexible and handsome little beast. 😊




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22 minutes ago, MarkAR said:

Very nice image Tony, just wondering if the black point has been clipped a little. It gives you a darker background and hides a bit of noise but you can lose faint wispy details.


I think you may be right on this. I was trying out a new technique and may have got a bit carried away. Will have another go over the weekend maybe, as there is little chance of any clear skies here. Thanks 😊

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