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M20 & M8

Greg M

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M8 & M20
StellarVue SV70T APO, ZWO 1600mm camera, Baader Filters, CGX Mount, Captured using NINA, Processed with Astro Pixel Processor.
10x 60second - Lum
30x 120seconds ea. - RGB
Total Integration Time = 3hours 10 minutes
Taken from Nelson's Landing @ 794' - SQL Reading 20.90 - 85°f
18h 02m 23s −23° 01′ 48



This second version is the same but with 10x 300seconds of Ha data added.


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9 hours ago, Marmot said:

Two good images. On this occasion I can’t decide between them as they are both great!

Thanks Martin. I think if I were better at processing and knew how to prevent the cores of both nebula from blowing out with the additional Ha data then it would be better. I feel as processed, I like the original non-Ha version better.

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19 hours ago, Padraic M said:

How are you mixing the Ha in? Are you including it in the Red channel, or adding it as Lum? You seem to be losing some colour and detail with it.

I believe I tried both ways with equally unsatisfying results. 


Going to work with it again, I'll post here if I come up with anything better.

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14 hours ago, Greg M said:

The second version is the HaLRGB version. I think it blew out too much detail in the Lagoon.

Didn't read it properly, yes it looks like the Lum blew out the core. 

There are ways around that but I'm not familiar with APP.

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Wonderful.  Yes, a version with stars re-added in a lighter tone would make it perfect.


I hadn't thought of RGB for those nebulae - I mainly stick to NB - but that has come out superbly, particularly the HaRGB.

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