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Canon Screen Off


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Hi all, 

Another Canon related question. 
does anyone know if it’s possible to turn the LCD completely off? 

Using an external intervelometer I noticed that when it had the shutter open the screen was on with a count down timer displayed in bottom right corner. When the shutter closed the screen reverted to the summary view ( not sure the correct name but where it shows what mode you’re in, shutter speed, f number, blah blah. 
I had live view off and image preview off. The only other setting I can see is for LCD brightness and LCD auto off which was enabled. 
after taking 150 lights at 20s exposure with 7s interval the batttery was down to last 25% (Sexond hand camera so batteries prob quite tired). 
Ive been well advised to increase the number of subs I take so could do with keeping the LCD completely off to better preserve power. 
Cam is a 700d if that matters



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Think I may have just answered my own question. 
I had another poke around in the menus on the camera and one of the last pages had an item called ‘Custom settings’. Inside here I found and option for mirror lock which I didn’t think this camera had, but i also found an option to assign the ‘Set’, button to control LCD on or off. Going to try with the external shutter control now and see if it stays off or not

Though I’d share this as google searches weren’t bringing anything up

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